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Amabel F. Teca

Colorado School of Mines
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I am currently working on having my BS degree in Geophysics and Geophysical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines and my expected graduation is December of 2019. I am fascinated by the idea of using physics principles to study and image the subsurface geology. My main interest in geophysics is seismology and its applications in the oil and gas industry. Part of my career goals is to be part of the oil and gas industry as an exploration geophysicist (performing field surveys) or as a data processor to locate oil reserves. My second major interest in geophysics is mineral exploration. I hope that at some point in my career I am able to use my skills in both oil and gas and mineral exploration industries. As a SCEC UseIT intern, I am part of the Forecast And Simulations Team. My task is to create earthquake catalogs and use them to derive probabilities used for earthquake in the state of California. As well as finding the most efficient way to generate the catalogs in terms of computational cost.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2019)