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Brian J. Aguilar

2020 SCEC SOURCES Intern, California State University, Bakersfield

Expertise: Geophysics (in progress)
Work: 6618586763
About Me Publications
Brian Aguilar is working on his M.S. in Geophysics at California State University of Bakersfield. He graduated in the Spring of 2022 with his B.S. in Geological Sciences. He is planning on pursuing his doctorate Degree in seismotectonics because he wants to conduct his own research in the future.

Brian Aguilar is a 2021 SOURCES intern at the Southern California Earthquake Center and is working on the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake ruptured a set of orthogonal faults in the best monitored continental earthquake sequence to date. Our team is working with 2-20 cm resolution drone imagery collected by Pierce et al. (2019) and 5 cm resolution orthophotography collected by NCALM to map portions of the surface rupture with unprecedented detail. We are quantifying subtle patterns in the fracture networks comprising the rupture, including rotations, changes in scarp-facing directions, alternation between blind and surficial fault rupture, and trade-offs between localized and distributed deformation.

Prior to working with Alba Padilla, Brian worked on the BASIN project, a multicomponent, passive-source earthquake hazard project between LSU, Caltech, Cal Poly Pomona and other universities that focused on characterizing the amplification of seismic waves as they travel through sedimentary basins. The goal was to first map the structure of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino basins that are known to amplify seismic waves in the Los Angeles area, and to integrate the basins’ structure into computer simulations of ground motion. Here, he worked with Dr. Patricia Persaud of LSU. Brian interpreted the receiver function data to identify the Mohorovicic Discontinuity in the eastern end of the San Bernardino basin. Leadership roles include being a former President of the Geology Club at California State University of Bakersfield (Spring 2020) and was a MESA leader for the MESA program at Bakersfield College. In his free time, he likes to go hiking, playing music, reading and spending time with his son.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2020 - 2021)