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Jack Sheehan

Rice University

Expertise: computational seismology, unix/linux-based operating systems, MATLAB, Python, GNSS displacement modeling, acoustic emission detection
About Me Publications
Jack Sheehan is a SCEC intern and a junior undergraduate at Rice University, pursuing a BS in Geophysics and a BA in German Studies. His primary scientific interests include computational seismology and remote sensing. After his anticipated graduation in 2022, Jack plans to attend graduate school in either seismology or space science. Eventually, he intends to work as a planetary seismologist, studying the relationship between planetary habitability and tectonics.

During his SOURCES internship, Jack worked with Dr. Valerie Sahakian at the University of Oregon. His project entailed studying site effects at GNSS stations in Japan, in order to determine the accuracy of the peak ground displacement model. Jack contributed to the development of the model using Python, working to simplify the structure and lower prediction times, consequently benefiting early warning systems.

Jack has also studied the acoustic emissions of intermediate-depth earthquakes (IDEQs) through an internship with the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) consortium. Here, he worked with Dr. Zhigang Peng at Georgia Tech. Jack utilized broadband transducers to replicate earthquake events in the laboratory, and applied deep-learning filter techniques to detect acoustic events. Jack’s work contributed to the understanding of laboratory simulations as a method of replicating and studying IDEQs.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2021)