John P. Platt

University of Southern California

Expertise: Structural Geology / Tectonics
About Me Publications
Platt, J. P. (2014). Rheology of two-phase systems: A microphysical and observational approach. Journal of Structural Geology, (submitted). SCEC Contribution 2059
Platt, J. P. (2014). Influence of shear heating on microstructurally defined plate boundary shear zones. Geophysical Research Letters, (submitted). SCEC Contribution 1903
Behr, W. M., & Platt, J. P. (2015). Brittle faults are weak, yet the ductile middle crust is strong: implications for lithospheric mechanics. Geophysical Research Letters,. SCEC Contribution 1977
Platt, J. P., & Becker, T. W. (2013). Kinematics of rotating panels of E-W faults in the San Andreas system: what can we tell from geodesy?. Geophysical Journal International, 194(3), 1295–1301. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggt189. SCEC Contribution 1531
Platt, J. P. (2012, 12). Rheology of two-phase systems. Oral Presentation at AGU Fall Meeting 2012. SCEC Contribution 1717
Platt, J. P. (2012, 10). Weakening, strain localization, and the deep structure of lithospheric shear zones. Oral Presentation at 2012 GSA Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 1716
Platt, J. P., Moresi, L., & Becker, T. W. (2012, 9). Can self-organization of shear zones control the scale and structure of plate boundaries?. Poster Presentation at 2012 SCEC Annual Meeting . SCEC Contribution 1715
Platt, J. P., & Becker, T. W. (2010). Where is the real transform boundary in California?. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11, Q06012. doi: 10.1029/2010GC003060. SCEC Contribution 1346
Behr, W. M., Rood, D. H., Fletcher, K. E., Guzman, N. E., Finkel, R., Hanks, T. C., Hudnut, K. W., Kendrick, K. J., Platt, J. P., Sharp, W. D., Weldon, R. J., & Yule, D. (2010). Uncertainties in slip rate estimates for the Mission Creek strand of the southern San Andreas Fault at Biskra Palms Oasis, southern California. Geological Society of America Bulletin,. SCEC Contribution 1292
Platt, J. P., Kaus, B. J., & Becker, T. W. (2008). The mechanics of continental transforms: An alternative approach with applications to the San Andreas system and the tectonics of California. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 274, 380-391. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.07.052. SCEC Contribution 1109

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