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Katherine A. Guns

University of California, San Diego
Postdoctoral Scholar

Expertise: Active Tectonics, Tectonic Geodesy (GNSS & InSAR time series) & Earthquake Geology
About Me Publications
I'm interested in trying to understand active crustal deformation processes with whatever tools we have at hand, from using satellite-based geodetic measurements of surface motion, to analyzing the past geomorphic record of offsets along individual fault strands with mapping and geochronology. My science journey has allowed me to contribute to the community as both a field-geologist and a geodesist, and having those multiple time-scale perspectives keeps life interesting when the geologic and geodetic worlds collide (a long-standing passion of mine is investigating geologic-geodetic fault slip rate discrepancies).

My current postdoctoral work focuses on combining both InSAR and GNSS time series observations to explore surface motions along the entire San Andreas plate boundary in California.