Exciting news! We're transitioning to the Statewide California Earthquake Center. Our new website is under construction, but we'll continue using this website for SCEC business in the meantime. We're also archiving the Southern Center site to preserve its rich history. A new and improved platform is coming soon!
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Kenny Graham

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Geophysical Statistician
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Maechling, P. J., Silva, F., Savran, W. H., Iturrieta, P. C., Graham, K., Bayona, J. A., Asim, K. M., Bao, H., Bayliss, K., Herrmann, M., & Werner, M. J. (2023, 09). Extending pyCSEP: A Python Toolkit for Earthquake Forecast Developers. Poster Presentation at 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 12877
Savran, W. H., Iturrieta, P. C., Bayona, J. A., Asim, K. M., Schorlemmer, D., Herrmann, M., Rhoades, D. A., Jackson, D. D., Gerstenberger, M. C., Marzocchi, W., Graham, K., Maechling, P. J., & Werner, M. J. (2023). Seismological Research Letters. Modernizing CSEP Earthquake Forecasting Experiments: The Floating Testing Center, (in preparation). SCEC Contribution 12726
Graham, K., Christophersen, A., Gerstenberger, M. C., & Rhoades, D. A. (2022, 09). Current State of New Zealand’s Operational Earthquake Forecasting (OEF). Poster Presentation at 2022 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 12440
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Bayona, J. A., Savran, W. H., Iturrieta, P. C., Gerstenberger, M. C., Graham, K., Marzocchi, W., Schorlemmer, D., & Werner, M. J. (2023). Are Regionally Calibrated Seismicity Models More Informative than Global Models? Insights from California, New Zealand, and Italy. The Seismic Record, 3(2), 86-95. doi: 10.1785/0320230006. SCEC Contribution 12706

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