Jack P. Loveless

Department of Geosciences
Smith College
Assistant Professor

Expertise: Active tectonics, deformation across multiple time scales, crustal deformation modeling
About Me Publications
Krueger, H. E., Marshall, S. T., Owen, S. E., Funning, G. J., & Loveless, J. P. (2016, 08). Seasonal motions and interseismic strain measured by continuous GPS throughout the Transverse Ranges, CA. Poster Presentation at 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 6626
Loveless, J. P., & Meade, B. J. (2011). Stress modulation on the San Andreas fault by interseismic fault system interactions. Geology, 39(11), 1035-1038. doi: 10.1130/G32215.1. SCEC Contribution 1499

Last updated May 17, 2019.