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Mathieu Perton

Instituto de Geofísica
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico)
CONACyT Fellow

Expertise: Wave propagation modelling. Ambient noise processing. Seismology. Ultrasound
Work: 52 1 443 322 2777 - ext. 42666
About Me Publications
Mainly dedicated in wave propagation modeling in ultrasound and seismology and its use in inverse problems.

He originally works with the "Laser-Ultrasound" technique, which consists in the generation and detection of ultrasonic wave by Laser. This technique allows a non destructive evaluation of several intrinsic properties of materials, such as the elastic (isotropic or anisotropic), plastic, anelastic and elastic attenuation, adhesion and cohesion strength ... It allows also the non destructive control of the thicknesses, presence of flaws ...

More recently, he focused on seismology, mainly on the informacion's retrieval by using ambient noise and its application to Mexico's areas tomography.