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Kerry Sieh

Earth Observatory of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Emeritus Director

Expertise: Neotectonics, paleoseismology, paleotsunamis, and impact craters
About Me Publications
I began working on what subsequently became known as paleoseismology in 1971, when I was an undergrad at UC Riverside. My initial work on the San Andreas fault was completed during my PhD time at Stanford. I spent the next three decades working out of Caltech, at first mostly on the paleoseismology and slip rate of the San Andreas fault. By the early 1990s, I was getting frustrated at the slow pace of my progress in California, so I started working on the paleoseismology and paleogeodesy of the Sumatran megathrust and earthquake geology in Myanmar and Taiwan. I left the US for Singapore in 2008 to create the Earth Observatory and a department of geohazards there. That removed me from most of my previous research activity, but I am still working on paleotsunami deposits and archeology in Aceh, Sumatra, and the deposits of a meteorite impact in southern Laos.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Mentor (1999)
SCEC Science Planning Committee, Group Leader (1991 - 1998)