Steve J. Thornock

Utah State University
Research Assistant

Expertise: Mapping and data processing
About Me Publications
Jänecke, S. U., Belgarde, B. E., Bykerk-Kauffman, A., Evans, J. P., Kirby, S., Markowski, D., Steely, A., & Thornock, S. J. (2017, 08). Ladders, stair-steps, and crossing faults: Insights from southern California’s active strike-slip faults. Poster Presentation at 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 7834
Janecke, S. U., Markowski, D., Thornock, S. J., Evans, J. P., Steely, A., & Bykerk-Kauffman, A. (2016). The strange geometries of strike slip faults: insights from southern California’s active faults. Poster Presentation at 2016 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 7086

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