Paul Davis

Consulting Engineering Geologist
About Me Publications
Lin, J. C., Moon, S., Yong, A., Meng, L., Martin, A., & Davis, P. (2017, 12). Linking subsurface and surface processes: Implications for seismic hazards in southern California. Poster Presentation at American Geophysical Union. SCEC Contribution 9025
Kohler, M. D., Davis, P., Liu, H., Benthien, M. L., Gao, S., Fuis, G. S., Clayton, R. W., Okaya, D. A., & Mori, J. (1996). Data Report for the 1993 Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment (LARSE93), Southern California; A Passive Study from Seal Beach Northeastward through the Mojave Desert. , USA: U.S. Geological Survey. SCEC Contribution 308

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