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Yixiao Sheng

ISTerre, UGA
About Me Publications
Hollis, D. D., Vernon, F. L., Brenguier, F., Ben-Zion, Y., Higueret, Q., Mordret, A., Aubert, C., & Sheng, Y. (2022, 09). FaultScan - Monitoring Body Wave Velocity Changes Across the San Jacinto Fault (2022-2025). Poster Presentation at 2022 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 12223
Sheng, Y., Mordret, A., Sager, K., Brenguier, F., Boué, P., Rousset, B., Vernon, F. L., & Ben-Zion, Y. (2021, 08). Long-base seismic interferometry reveals a hidden slow-slip event near the Anza seismic gap. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 11435
Sheng, Y., Kong, Q., & Beroza, G. C. (2019, 12). Network Analysis to Characterize Seismic Ground Motion Spatial Variability: A Case study on the San Jacinto Seismic Array. Oral Presentation at American Geophysical Union. SCEC Contribution 11807
Sheng, Y., Nakata, N., & Beroza, G. C. (2017, 08). On the Properties of Higher-Order Ambient Field Correlation. Poster Presentation at 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 7522
Sheng, Y., Beroza, G. C., & Denolle, M. A. (2016, 08). Green’s functions retrieved by Multi-Component C3 for Ground Motion Prediction. Poster Presentation at 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 6673
Sheng, Y., Kong, Q., & Beroza, G. C. (2021). Network analysis of earthquake ground motion spatial correlation: a case study with the San Jacinto seismic nodal array. Geophysical Journal International, 225(3), 1704-1713. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggab058. SCEC Contribution 11802
Sheng, Y., Denolle, M. A., & Beroza, G. C. (2017). Multicomponent C3 Green’s Functions for Improved Long‐Period Ground‐Motion Prediction. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 107(6), 2836-2845. doi: 10.1785/0120170053. SCEC Contribution 7365

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