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SoCalHUG: Meeting & HAZUS-MH Vendor Training

Agenda for SoCalHUG General Meeting

Date: Februrary 23, 2006 (1-4 pm)
Presentations can be downloaded using the links below.

1:05 Welcome and overview of HAZUS-MH  
1:20 Introductions  
1:30 Earthquake module presentation: USC-Area HAZUS study Mark Benthien (SCEC), Zaria Tatalovich (USC)
1:45 LA County social vulnerability study Zaria Tatalovich (USC)
1:55 Flood module presentation: City of Irvine study Fatih Dogan (ABS Consulting)
2:15 LA County HAZUS building inventory: changes over time Jennifer Swift (USC)
2:30 BREAK  
2:45 Data Standardization project / HAZUS conversion utility Hope Seligson (ABS Consulting)
3:00 ShakeMap update: Google Earth, RSS, ShakeCast Bruce Worden (USGS)
3:15 Google Earth HAZUS maps Doug Huls (OES)
3:30 ESRI HAZUS Web Seminar Umut Destegul (ESRI)
3:40 Announcements and Questions  
4:00 Adjourn  

HAZUS-MH Earthquake Vendor Training 

Dates: May 9-12, 2006
Location: Southern California Earthquake Center

A HAZUS-MH Earthquake Vendor course will be held on May 9 to May 12, 2006 in Los Angeles, hosted by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC). This course is a key offering under FEMA's Private Sector Initiative, a multi-year project to select, train, and authorize a core group of HAZUS-MH vendors who will take the lead in providing fee-based HAZUS-MH training, technical assistance and software troubleshooting to a broad range of HAZUS-MH users.

The HAZUS-MH Earthquake Vendor course will be conducted by the team that developed and tested the HAZUS-MH MR-2 Earthquake Model. The course is tailored to individuals with experience in geographic information systems and a technical background in earthquake hazards, building performance and loss estimation methods.

Students who successfully complete the HAZUS-MH Earthquake Vendor course will be authorized by FEMA to provide HAZUS-MH Earthquake training, technical assistance and software troubleshooting.

The registration fee for the three and one-half day course is $900. Small businesses may be eligible for special rates under the PSI Small Business Scholarship Program.

For more information on the HAZUS-MH Earthquake Vendor course and the Private Sector Initiative, please contact Tom Durham at  703.362.7500) or visit their website.