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2008 Annual Meeting: SoSAFE Workshop

Date: September 7, 2008
Location: Horizon Ballroom 1, Hilton Palm Springs Resort
Convener: Ken Hudnut

The Southern San Andreas Fault Evaluation (SoSAFE) project has made significant progress in its first two years towards better defining slip rates and earthquake history of southern San Andreas fault system for the last 2000 years. This fifth workshop will again review and highlight the latest scientific progress across the range of SoSAFE investigations. As SoSAFE is now two years into a three-year program, funded primarily by the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project, we will discuss what remains to be done as the top priorities for the final year of major USGS funding. Do we need or want to prolong the life of SoSAFE beyond three years, and if so, what must be done?


13:00-13:30 Workshop Introduction and Overview of SCEC Activities and Opening Remarks Hudnut
SoSAFE Project Sponsors
13:30-14:45 Examples of Current Collaborations (10 minutes each)
  • San Andreas – Carrizo
  • San Andreas - Carrizo
  • San Andreas - Northern Big Bend
  • San Andreas - Littlerock
  • San Andreas – Ritter
  • San Andreas - San Bernardino



14:45-15:00 Break  
15:00-16:15 Examples of Current Collaborations (10 minutes each)
  • San Andreas – Biskra 1
  • San Andreas – Biskra 2
  • San Andreas - Coachella Valley Section
  • San Andreas - Salt Creek
  • Lake Cahuilla chronology
  • San Jacinto – Hog Lake
  • San Jacinto – slip rate
  • Elsinore, ECSZ, etc. - GeoEarthScope

Le & Oskin

16:15-17:15 Future Plans and Research Needs of SoSAFE
(≤10 minutes each research group's input, with time for discussion)
17:15-17:30 Workshop Summary and Closing Remarks from Participants Hudnut