SCEC Award Number 21137
Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Data Gathering and Products)
Proposal Title Estimating spatio-temporal geomorphic change with semantic rock trait maps
Name Organization
Ramon Arrowsmith Arizona State University Jnaneshwar Das Arizona State University
Other Participants Harish Anand, Zhiang Chen, Devin Keating, and Prasad Antervedi (ASU)
SCEC Priorities 4b, 4d, 5b SCEC Groups Geology, SAFS, GM
Report Due Date 03/15/2022 Date Report Submitted No report submitted
Project Abstract
INTERIM REPORT: This project was delayed because of the administrative delay in funding and also due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing project delays.

Planned research is to be completed by the funded graduate students in late Spring and summer 2022.

Our main effort has been to standardize the code and tools associated with our virtual shake robot and to continue large displacement experiments.
Intellectual Merit Continued effort to build and test tools for simulation of fragile geologic feature response to strong ground motions.
Broader Impacts We are working towards better understanding of the effects of distributed ground motions.
Exemplary Figure see slide two in the attached interim report slides; more to come