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SCEC Communication, Education and Outreach (CEO) Program

SCEC’s Communication, Education, and Outreach (CEO) program addresses the final element of SCEC’s mission: Communicate understanding to end-users and society at large as useful knowledge for reducing earthquake risk and improving community resilience. The theme of the CEO program in SCEC5 is Partner Globally, Prepare Locally; preparing not only for local hazards, but also preparing students, engineers, government officials, the media and the public with enhanced science literacy to make informed decisions (split-second as well as long-term) to reduce their risk, and preparing the next generation of scientists via research opportunities and support through career transitions.

SCEC CEO is integrated within the overall SCEC enterprise, and engages in a number of partnership-based programs with overarching goals of improving knowledge of earthquake science and encouraging actions to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from earthquake losses. CEO programs seek to improve the knowledge and competencies of the general public, “gatekeepers” of knowledge (such as teachers and museums), and technical partners such as engineers and policy makers.

SCEC CEO is organized into four interconnected focus areas:

SCEC CEO is led by SCEC’s associate director for CEO Mark Benthien and an experienced, highly effective team at SCEC headquarters on the USC campus. The CEO Planning Committee is comprised of SCEC stakeholders including representatives of the SCEC Board, Planning Committee, and Advisory Council. Several contractors for ECA and ShakeOut activities complement the SCEC CEO team, along with a legion of USC student assistants and interns each year.  Several other SCEC scientists also are regularly involved in program development, intern mentorship, and other roles.