SCEC inspires the next generation of earthquake scientists by guiding talent through transformative research experiences, strong mentorship, and a commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community.

The Future of Earthquake Science

The Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC) fosters the future of earthquake science by nurturing a vibrant community of researchers. Through transformative research experiences, SCEC equips students and early-career scientists with the skills and support they need to thrive. Strong mentorship relationships, cultivated through dedicated training, empower researchers to build confidence, belonging, and a lasting commitment to their field. This holistic approach fosters a pipeline of talented individuals who will shape the future of earthquake science.

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Undergraduate Research with Impact

SCEC interns shine at the Center’s annual meeting each September, showcasing their earthquake research through vibrant posters and quick, onstage lightning talks.

SCEC Internship Programs

Through hands-on research with leading experts, SCEC undergraduate interns hone critical skills while tackling real-world earthquake science challenges. Partnerships with minority-serving institutions amplify participation, building a future STEM workforce enriched by diverse perspectives. Rigorous selection ensures immersive experiences that launch impactful careers in earthquake science and beyond.

Events and Important Dates

SCEC Internship Applications Due
February 19, 2024

SCEC Mentoring Workshop
Spring 2024

Summer Research Internships Start
June 2024

2024 SCEC Annual Meeting
September 8-11, 2024

SCEC Mentoring Workshop
Fall 2024

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program targets upper-level undergraduates, primarily earth science majors, for immersive research partnerships with SCEC scientists at their institutions or field sites.

Supported Opportunities for Undergraduates and Researchers to Collaborate on Earthquake Science (SOURCES) interns are remotely-mentored and gain a valuable research experience regardless of geographic location or availability of local researchers.

The Power of Two-Way Mentoring

SCEC’s internship program navigated the pandemic by extending virtual internships beyond summer, fostering deeper relationships and scientist identity in students. Mentors, who also benefited through professional development and network building, highlighted the value of ongoing support and development for students and early-career researchers. From adaptable research projects to essential professional development training, the program showcases the transformative power of a supportive research community, calling for a broader culture that recognizes and nurtures the crucial role of mentorship.


Inspire Growth: Become a Research Mentor

Mentoring can be a life-altering relationship that inspires mutual growth, learning, and development. Experience the benefits of cultivating the next generation of earthquake scientists while advancing your own research program. Through mentoring relationships, you will help early-career researchers (ECRs) to develop professional skills and grow their network, while broadening their research interests. Mentoring also strengthens the recruitment of underrepresented minorities (URMs) and promotes elevated career satisfaction. SCEC also offers mentorship training to cultivate more effective communication, align expectations, and equip individuals with tools to address equity and inclusion.

Research Advancement

Mentorship Training

Attract and Retain Exceptional Researchers

SCEC fosters a diverse and well-equipped pipeline for the future of earthquake science. Through our core institutions and education partners, we expand access to underrepresented groups and non-traditional students. Collaboration with minority-serving institutions across California further broadens participation in research and education. Equipped with a network of advanced facilities and diverse expertise across the nation, SCEC cultivates an environment where talented individuals acquire the skills and knowledge needed to address the challenges of earthquake science. If you know individuals passionate about this field seeking an inclusive research community, we encourage you to connect with us.

Community Building

Transforming Futures

SCEC Transitions Program

The Center fosters a thriving research community by weaving a network of events, mentors, and advocates. This empowers researchers at all stages to navigate today’s evolving landscape, building productive relationships and propelling career growth. The SCEC Transitions Program was designed to provide junior members of the SCEC community with opportunities, resources, and mentoring across key career transitions in order to sustain careers in geoscience and other STEM fields.

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Professional Development

Professional Skills Development

By broadening participation and recruiting underrepresented minorities, the Center fosters a more vibrant research community. Targeted workshops and trainings equip students and early-career researchers with multidisciplinary skills to engage in the science collaboration. They also develop tools for communication, project management, and leadership, empowering them to navigate diverse career paths and advance their professional goals while propelling both their research and future success.

Research Skills

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