SCEC Institutions

The Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is a consortium of institutions and over a thousand individuals. A leadership team guides our programs and fosters collaboration to fulfill the Center’s mission. SCEC is comprised of core institutions, which make a major, sustained commitment to Center objectives, and a larger number of participating institutions, which are self-nominated through the involvement of individuals or groups. SCEC institutional membership is open to organizations upon application and confirmation by the Board of Directors.

Core Institutions of SCEC allocate a minimum of $35,000 annually to support their own personnel and students in earthquake research, education and outreach, and other activities that align with the Center’s mission. Core Institutions designate an Institutional Director to serve on the Board of Directors to help lead the Center.

Participating Institutions may include any organization (including profit, non-profit, domestic, or international) involved in Center-related research, education, or outreach activities. Participating institutions do not necessarily receive direct support from the Center. Through appropriate official, each institution appoints a qualified Institutional Representative to facilitate communication and coordination with  Center activities. The interests of participating institutions are represented on the Board of Directors by up to four Directors At-Large

Apply to be a SCEC Institution

Applications should be submitted by an appropriate official (e.g. department chair or division head), and will be reviewed and approved by a majority vote of the SCEC Board of Directors.

Core Institutions

University of Southern California Barbot
California Institute of Technology Ross
California Geological Survey Dawson
Columbia University Shaw
East Los Angeles College Haddad
Harvard University Plesch
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Pitarka
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cattania
Pasadena City College House
San Diego State University Maloney
San Diego Supercomputer Center Cui
Stanford University Segall
Texas A&M University Duan
University of California, Berkeley Allen
University of California, Davis Rundle
University of California, Los Angeles Stewart
University of California, Riverside Oglesby
University of California, San Diego Shearer
University of California, Santa Barbara Ji
University of California, Santa Cruz Savage
University of Memphis Kyriakopoulos
University of Nevada, Reno Trugman
USGS Golden Moschetti
USGS Menlo Park Harris
USGS Pasadena Scharer

Participating Institutions

With the transition to the new Statewide California Earthquake Center, agreements with previous institutions must now be updated via a new application. Institutions that have never been involved are also encouraged to apply! Once approved by the Board of Directors, Participating institutions and their representatives will be listed here.