Research Highlights

The Community Rheology Model (CRM) provides a three-dimensional description of the ductile rheology of southern California’s lithosphere.

The Committee for Utilization of Ground Motions Simulations (UGMS) developed site-specific response spectral acceleration maps for the Los Angeles region.

Recent Publications

Toward Physics‐Based Nonergodic PSHA: A Prototype Fully Deterministic Seismic Hazard Model for Southern California Milner, K. R., Shaw, B. E., Goulet, C. A., Richards-Dinger, K. B., Callaghan, S., Jordan, T. H., Dieterich, J. H., & Field, E. H.
The Lavic Lake Fault: A Long-Term Cumulative Slip Analysis via Combined Field Work and Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Airborne Remote Sensing Witkosky, R. A., Stock, J. M., Tratt, D. M., Buckland, K. N., Adams, P. M., Johnson, P. D., Lynch, D. K., & Sousa, F. J.
The generation of large earthquakes Kato, A., & Ben-Zion, Y.

Science Workshops

SCEC-IRIS-UNAVCO Community Workshop: Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (RuFZO), April 13, 2021

Yehuda Ben-Zion: Scientific Motivation for the Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (more presentations)

SCEC Dynamic Rupture TAG – 2020 Ingredients Workshop, October 2020

Alice Gabriel: Thermal pressurization 3D benchmark and results... (more presentations)

Education Programs

Supported Opportunities for Undergraduates and Researchers to Collaborate on Earthquake Science (SOURCES) offers a remotely-mentored research experience to college students nationwide.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) pairs a student, one-on-one, to conduct research with a pre-eminent earthquake scientist or specialist.

Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (UseIT) internship is a team-based undergraduate research program.

SCEC Transitions Program provides students and early-career scientists with resources and mentoring at major transitions in their educational and professional careers.

Recent Earthquakes

Earthquakes can happen at any time. See the USGS or SCEDC for real-time earthquake information.

Earthquake Preparedness

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
A step-by-step guide for staying safe before, during, and after an earthquake.

ShakeOut Earthquake Drills
ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are an opporuntity to practice how to prepare to survive and recover from the next damaging earthquake.

Earthquakes in the News

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