A collaborative research and education hub that brings together experts across geoscience and related fields to advance our understanding of earthquake processes and apply that knowledge to reduce their impacts on society in California and beyond.

Building the SCEC Community

SCEC cultivates a dynamic and inclusive earthquake science ecosystem, fostering collaboration and agility in addressing emerging research questions. By embracing diversity in perspectives and backgrounds, we empower the next generation of scientists to contribute to multidisciplinary solutions for earthquake risk reduction in California. Through partnerships across academia, government, industry, and communities, we help to translate knowledge into action, protecting lives and livelihoods from earthquake hazards.

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2023 ShakeOut Participants

SCEC Funded Projects and Researchers

Lightning Talks from past SCEC annual meetings illustrate the breadth of SCEC science.


Organization and Leadership

SCEC is a consortium of institutions and over a thousand individuals. A leadership team guides our programs and fosters collaboration to fulfill the Center’s mission. In its transition statewide, we adjusted its focus areas to better encompass the full range of Center activities, developed an agile leadership and governance structure, and enhanced community engagement and workforce development. This required new bylaws and better defining roles committee roles and responsibilities.


SCEC Institutions

The Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is comprised of core institutions, which make a major, sustained commitment to Center objectives, and a larger number of participating institutions, which are self-nominated through the involvement of individuals or groups. SCEC institutional membership is open to organizations upon application and confirmation by the Board of Directors.


Engaging and Broadening Participation

SCEC envisions a future where California is resilient to earthquakes. We engage a diverse community of scientists and students to develop innovative ways to study and understand earthquake hazards. SCEC fosters collaboration among academia, government, industry, and community-based organizations to translate this knowledge into actions that protect lives and livelihoods. Engaging students, early-career researchers, and broadening participation are key priorities for the Center.

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Science Workshops

Focused workshops in areas highlighted in the 2024 Science Plan, which may include field trips to key sites.


Preparedness Events

Engaging communities to build awareness of earthquake hazards and preparedness planning.


Mentoring Workshops

Empower the next generation of researchers, boost your own research, and learn how to build diverse teams.


Research Skills Trainings

Training researchers to develop the skills needed to engage in the earthquake science collaboration.


Meetings and Events

SCEC’s working groups, workshops, field activities, and an annual meeting provide sustained platforms for collaboration, enabling researchers to build strong networks and exchange knowledge effectively. We facilitate interaction between academia, government, industry, and community-based organizations to translate scientific understanding of earthquake hazards into practical applications that safeguard lives and infrastructure.


Early Career Opportunities

SCEC cultivates a vibrant earthquake science research community by prioritizing early-career engagement and diversity through a network of events, mentors, and advocates. This includes early-career support via the SCEC Transitions Program, which provides targeted resources, mentoring, and opportunities to junior members of the community to help them navigate key career transitions and thrive in geoscience and STEM fields.


Events and Important Dates

2024 Stress Drop Validation Workshop
January 22, 2024

Statewide California Community Earth Models Workshop
March 3-4, 2024

2024 SCEC Annual Meeting
September 8-11, 2024

International ShakeOut Day
October 17, 2024

2025 SCEC Proposals Due
November 15, 2024


SCEC Annual Meetings

The September SCEC Annual Meeting brings together 400-500 participants worldwide to share breakthroughs, assess progress, and chart a collaborative path for earthquake science.

Through plenary sessions, posters, workshops, and field trips, all of the Center activities are presented, analyzed, and woven into a set of priorities for SCEC to pursue in the coming year and beyond.

Researchers working on topics relevant to SCEC priorities and initiatives are encouraged to engage with SCEC at the annual meeting.


The Great ShakeOut Participation

This year’s International ShakeOut Day is October 17, when millions of people worldwide will participate in earthquake drills at work, school, or home!

Community and Job Announcements

Institutions and community members involved in SCEC activities share the latest opportunities for jobs, internships, and other activities to distribute to SCEC’s broad community of students, researchers, and scientists.