SCEC’s working groups, workshops, field activities, and annual meetings enable scientists to collaborate over sustained periods, building strong interpersonal networks that promote intellectual exchange and mutual support.

Engaging and Broadening Participation

SCEC envisions a future where California is resilient to earthquakes. We engage a diverse community of scientists and students to develop innovative ways to study and understand earthquake hazards. SCEC fosters collaboration among academia, government, industry, and community-based organizations to translate this knowledge into actions that protect lives and livelihoods. Engaging students, early-career researchers, and broadening participation are key priorities for the Center.

September 8-11, 2024


The SCEC Annual Meeting

The SCEC Annual Meeting brings together 400-500 participants worldwide to share breakthroughs, assess progress, and chart a collaborative path for earthquake science. Through plenary sessions, posters, workshops, and field trips, all of the Center activities are presented, analyzed, and woven into a set of priorities for SCEC to pursue in the coming year and beyond.

Participants include SCEC project teams, leadership, advisory groups, and staff, as well as sponsors and partners who fund Center activities. Researchers working on topics relevant to SCEC priorities and initiatives are encouraged to engage with SCEC at the annual meeting.


Early career scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate interns typically make up more than 40% of participants at the annual meetings.

Community Workshops and Trainings

Sustained interactions within the SCEC community and with other communities that interface with the Center are essential for advancing earthquake science and engineering, and preparedness planning. SCEC fosters these interactions through activities such as technical activity groups, workshops, field activities, skills training, and preparedness events.

Science Workshops

Focused workshops in areas highlighted in the 2024 Science Plan, which may include field trips to key sites.


Research Skills Trainings

Training researchers to develop the skills needed to engage in the earthquake science collaboration.


Mentoring Workshops

Empower the next generation of researchers, boost your own research, and learn how to build diverse teams.


Preparedness Events

Engaging communities to build awareness of earthquake hazards and preparedness planning.


SCEC Activities Code of Conduct

The Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC) fosters a diverse and inclusive community where everyone feels safe, productive, and welcome. We expect all participants in SCEC-supported events to uphold this commitment by adhering to the SCEC Activities Code of Conduct.

Community Calendar

Email SCEC Meetings to request to add your event to the Community Calendar or if you have questions about our events.

DateEvent Name
2024-01-17Jan 17, 2024SEAOSC Symposium: Northridge30
2024-01-18Jan 18-19, 2024PEER - LBNL Workshop: Simulated Ground Motions for the San Francisco Bay Area
2024-01-22Jan 22, 20242024 SCEC Stress Drop Workshop
2024-01-25Jan 25-26, 2024SCEC Proposal Review MeetingLeadership
2024-01-30Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2024USGS Workshop: Northern California Earthquake Hazards
2024-02-27Feb 27-29, 2024IAEG Conference: Engineering Geology Role in Disaster Risk Management (ARC14)
2024-03-17Mar 17-20, 20242024 International Statistical Seismology Conference (STATSEI 13)
2024-04-09Apr 9-12, 20242024 EERI Annual Meeting: (Uniting Earthquake Science and Engineering for a More Resilient Future)
2024-04-14Apr 14-19, 20242024 EGU General Assembly (EGU24)
2024-04-29Apr 29 - May 3, 20242024 SSA  Annual Meeting: Together We Advance Earthquake Science
2024-05-15May 15-17, 2024GSA Meeting: Joint Cordilleran and Rocky Mountain Sections
2024-06-25June 25-27, 20242024 SAGE/GAGE Community Science Workshop
2024-06-30Jun 30 - Jul 5, 2024IAEE Meeting: 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE2024)
2024-08-25Aug 25-31, 2024IUGS Meeting: 37th International Geological Congress
2024-09-22Sep 22-25, 20242024 GSA Annual Meeting (GSA Connects)
2024-10-07Oct 7-10, 2024SSA Conference: Photonic Seismology: Lighting the Way Forward
2024-11-17Nov 17-22, 20242024 Supercomputing Conference (SC24)
2024-12-09Dec 9-13, 20242024 AGU Fall Meeting (AGU24)
2024-09-08Sep 8-11, 20242024 SCEC Annual Meeting (SCEC2024)SCEC
2024-03-04March 4-5, 2024Joint Workshop: California Community Models for Seismic Hazard Assessments
2024-04-09April 9, 2024USGS & EERI Workshop: National Seismic Hazards Model
2024-05-07May 7, 2024AGeS Virtual Community Symposium
2024-05-13May 13-14, 2024CRESCENT Topical Workshop: Community Velocity Model
2024-05-27May 27-29, 2024MISMI Conference: Mechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Machinery Building
2024-06-03June 3-6, 2024LinkedEarth/FROGS Training: Python and R Analysis of Time SerieS
2024-06-10June 10-14, 2024CIG Workshop: Crustal Deformation Modeling
2024-06-10June 10 - August 30, 2024EarthScope Workshop: Seismology Skill Building for Undergraduates
2024-07-21July 21-30, 2024SZNet 2024 Field Trip: Cascadia
2024-08-04August 4-9, 2024Gordon Research Conference: Rock Deformation
2024-08-05August 5-7, 2024Gateway Focus Workshop: Strategies for Developing and Sustaining Your Gateway
2024-10-08October 8-10, 20242024 Annual Gateways Conference
2025-10-14October 14-18, 2025SSA Conference: Environmental Seismology: Planning for the Planet's Future