SCEC's office of Experiential Learning and Career Advancement (ELCA) seeks to enhance the competency and diversity of the STEM workforce by facilitating career advancement pathways that engage students in STEM-based research experiences at each stage of their academic careers, and provide exposure and leadership opportunities to students and early career scientists that engage them in the SCEC Community and support them across key transitions (undergraduate to graduate school, etc.).

SCEC offers the following internship programs for college undergraduate students:

SCEC/SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) interns are primarily juniors or seniors, and most projects are best suited for students majoring in earth science or a related field. SURE interns are paired one-on-one with a SCEC scientist at that researcher's institution or field site, to work within that scientist's field of specialty.

SCEC/USEIT (Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology)  interns work on collaborative teams at SCEC headquarters at the University of Southern California and conduct computer science research to benefit earthquake science.

SCEC/SOURCES (Supported Opportunities for Undergraduates and Researchers to Collaborate on Earthquake Science) interns are remotely-mentored and gain a valuable research experience regardless of geographic location or availability of local researchers.