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A Geology-Based 3D Velocity Model of the Los Angeles Basin Sediments

Harold Magistrale, Keith McLaughlin, & Steven M. Day

Published August 1996, SCEC Contribution #303

Seismic hazard studies of the Los Angeles basin area require a realistic seismic-velocity model. We use geologic information about depth to crystalline basement, depths to sedimentary horizons, uplift of sediments, and surface geology in a velocity-depth-age function to construct a three-dimensional velocity model. In earthquake location tests, the model predicts travel times satisfactorily, and in earthquake ground-motion simulations, the model correctly determines the timing and amplitude of late-arriving waves.

Magistrale, H., McLaughlin, K., & Day, S. M. (1996). A Geology-Based 3D Velocity Model of the Los Angeles Basin Sediments. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 86(4), 1161-1166.