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Guadalupe Island, Mexico, as a new constraint for Pacific plate motion

Jose Javier Gonzàlez-Garcìa, Linette Prawirodirdjo, Yehuda Bock, & Duncan C. Agnew

Published August 2003, SCEC Contribution #734

We use GPS data collected on Isla de Guadalupe and in northern Baja California, Mexico, to estimate site velocities relative to Pacific plate motion. The velocities of all three geodetic monuments on Guadalupe fit a rigid Pacific plate model with residuals of 1 mm/yr. Using the Guadalupe data and data from five IGS stations on the Pacific plate (CHAT, KOKB, KWJ1, MKEA, and THTI) we estimate an angular velocity for this plate that is consistent with other recently-published estimates. Our results indicate that Isla de Guadalupe lies on the Pacific plate, and that GPS data collection on the island usefully constrains Pacific plate motion and rigidity.

Gonzàlez-Garcìa, J., Prawirodirdjo, L., Bock, Y., & Agnew, D. C. (2003). Guadalupe Island, Mexico, as a new constraint for Pacific plate motion. Geophysical Research Letters, 30(16), 1872. doi: 10.1029/2003GL017732.