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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
04/10/2015 2015 EarthScope National Meeting
03/20/2015 Postdoctoral Research Opportunity in Induced Seismicity, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
03/17/2015 SSA Executive Director Job Advertisement
02/20/2015 UCSD/SIO Job Opportunities: Programmer & Technician
02/10/2015 Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Igneous Petrology/Geochemistry at UNR
01/26/2015 Multiple Announcements: Workshops, Internships, Calls for Nomination
01/20/2015 SCSN/USGS Electronics Technician Position Open
01/15/2015 Multiple Announcements - UNR Faculty Opening, USGS Mendenhall Opportunities
01/12/2015 USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity 15-5
01/07/2015 Multiple Announcements Regarding the USGS Mendenhall Opportunities and a SSA session
12/31/2014 SSA Session Announcements
12/19/2014 Special sessions at the joint assembly of AGU with CGU and GAC/MAC in Montreal, May 3-7, 2015!
12/16/2014 SSA session announcement
12/11/2014 Two New Job Announcements
12/05/2014 Multiple Announcements: EGU 2015 Sessions
12/03/2014 Two Postdoc Positions at LLNL
12/01/2014 SSA and EGU Session Announcements
11/26/2014 SSA Session Announcement
11/20/2014 Active Deformation, Faults, and Earthquakes from Measurements to Models School - France
11/20/2014 SSA2015 Annual Meeting session "Slow Earthquakes: Diversity in Fault Motion and Their Implications in Earthquake Dynamics".
11/17/2014 Assistant Professor in Geophysics: University of Oklahoma
11/13/2014 Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazard Summit III
11/12/2014 Thompson Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geophysics, Stanford University
11/05/2014 Research Position in Earthquake Seismology, USGS-Golden
11/04/2014 NEED A SCEC ACCOUNT? Proposals are DUE FRIDAY: 2015 SCEC Science Collaboration Plan
11/03/2014 Multiple Job Announcements
10/31/2014 DUE NEXT FRIDAY: Proposals Responding to the 2015 SCEC Science Collaboration Plan
10/23/2014 Tenure-Track Professor in Igneous and/or Metamorphic Petrology, UT Austin
10/16/2014 Position Announcement - Mineralogy / Metamorphic Petrology, Western Washington University
10/16/2014 Tenure Track Positions in Remote Sensing and Geomaterials, Template University
10/15/2014 NOW ACCEPTING PROPOSALS: 2015 SCEC Science Collaboration Plan Available
10/13/2014 Preceptor, Harvard University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
10/13/2014 Call for 2014 NCALM Seed Proposals
10/08/2014 Research Position in Ground-Motion Characterization at the U.S. Geological Survey
10/08/2014 Tenure Track Professorships, Harvard University
10/08/2014 Postdoctoral Program in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, Brown University
10/08/2014 ANNOUNCEMENT: 2015 SCEC Science Collaboration Plan Available Now
10/03/2014 Save the Date: CA Clearinghouse October ShakeOut Activities
10/02/2014 PostDoc Position: Advanced Simulation of Coupled Earthquake & Tsunami Events
10/02/2014 GNS Science, New Zealand - Job Opening - Engineer/Risk Specialist
10/01/2014 Postdoctoral Fellowships - Columbia University
10/01/2014 Opening for Content Specialist - Data Technician at UNAVCO
09/22/2014 Register today for the 2014 Buildings at Risk Summit!
09/18/2014 Earthquake Associate Position Job Posting
09/18/2014 Hazards Geologist at Utah Geological Survey Job Posting
09/18/2014 Late-Breaking AGU Special Session Announcement 
09/09/2014 Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Position at CSUN - Geophysics
09/08/2014 Call for Papers/Posters for the Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazard Summit III
09/03/2014 Announcement: Opening for Assistant Professor in Geochemistry, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
09/03/2014 Announcement: Postdoc opportunity at USGS