SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
03/21/2013 CIG virtual workshop: Crustal Deformation Modeling Tutorial, June 24-28, 2013
03/21/2013 PostDocs and Grad Students- Announcing a Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) on Earthquake Hazards, Dominican Republic, July 2013
03/13/2013 NSF Innovation in Graduate Education Challenge
03/08/2013 EarthScope National Meeting, May 13-15, 2013 Raleigh - Registration is Open
03/08/2013 Application deadline for EarthScope program director rotator position extended to 4 April
03/06/2013 ANNOUNCEMENT: CORSSA Email Lists
03/05/2013 Lamont-Doherty Seeking Applicants for Assistant Research Professors
02/26/2013 Post Doctoral Assistantship at IPGP Paris, France
02/25/2013 NSF Workshop: Drilling active tectonics and magmatism (Volcanics, Geoprisms, and Fault Zones Post-SAFOD)
02/13/2013 SCEC Intern alumnus award-winning image on the cover of Science Magazine
02/13/2013 Registration/Applications now open for the CIG/QUEST/IRIS joint workshop on Seismic Imaging of Structure and Source
02/13/2013 REMINDER: call for abstracts GSA-Cordillera Mtg "Reconstructing the Pacific–North America Plate Boundary Through Late Cenozoic Time"
02/07/2013 Last call for fault zone workshop, Erice, May 2013
02/01/2013 Abstract deadline for IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI joint assembly is approaching
01/29/2013 Faculty opening in Geodesy and Active Tectonics at Purdue
01/22/2013 GSA-Cord 2013 Session - T10. Reconstructing the Pacific–North America Plate Boundary Through Late Cenozoic Time
01/17/2013 Session "S201b: Ground Motion Prediction Equations" at the upcoming IASPEI (with joint IAHS, IAPSO) meeting at Gothenburg (Jul 22-26, 2013)
01/07/2013 Invitation to SSA 2013 Special Session: Advances in High-Frequency Physics-Based Earthquake Systems Simulation
01/07/2013 SAVE THE DATE - CA Eq Clearinghouse Stakeholder's meeting February 20th, 2013
12/19/2012 Invitation to SSA 2013 Special Session: Implementation of Physics-Based Earthquake Source and Ground Motion Findings in Engineering Solution Models
12/19/2012 ACES PAGEOPH special issue
12/19/2012 Two Items: 1) Join DEFORM;  2) Help write NSF proposal
12/07/2012 Postdoctoral research position in regional seismology (Project AQUAREL)
12/05/2012 Job Opportunity in EarthScope Program at NSF
11/14/2012 SCEC Community Geodetic Model
10/17/2012 Final Agenda for October 18-19 Western US GPS/NSMP Workshop
10/17/2012 Fault Mechanics Post-Doc at UMass
10/17/2012 NCALM seed proposal call
10/10/2012 Agenda for Workshop on use of UCERF3 in the USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps
10/09/2012 ANNOUNCING the 2013 SCEC Science Collaboration Plan
10/09/2012 Research assistant, PhD, and postdoc positions in structural geology/seismic reflection at the Earth Observatory of Singapore
10/03/2012 Workshop Invitation: Special Fault Study Areas
10/03/2012 Agenda of the USGS geodetic workshop for updating the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Maps
10/03/2012 PhD position available at ETH Zurich
09/28/2012 Call for ICDP proposals 2013
09/28/2012 PhD and postdoc positions in geodesy at the Earth Observatory of Singapore
09/21/2012 The 3rd International Workshop on Advances in High-Performance Computational Earth Sciences: Applications and Frameworks (IHPCES), Barcelona, June 5-7, 2013
09/21/2012 Invitation to SS24.3 Special Session on GMPEs at the 15WCEE in Lisbon
09/19/2012 Faculty Positions at SIO/UCSD: Continental Margins
09/17/2012 Faculty Position in Geophysics at UCLA
09/17/2012 Science Plan for potential SFSA: San Gorgonio Pass
09/17/2012 Energy Geoscientist position, New Mexico Tech
09/12/2012 Technical writer needed by Cascadia Regional Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)
09/12/2012 Four Assistant Professor Positions at Texas A&M University
09/10/2012 Upcoming deadlines for various programs
09/10/2012 Workshop on use of UCERF3 in the USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps
09/10/2012 Rotator Position in Geophysics Available
09/10/2012 Opening for assistant professor at UC Santa Cruz
09/06/2012 Faculty Position at Brown University
09/06/2012 Postdoctoral Opportunity in Fault Mechanics at UMass