SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
09/26/2011 Workshop on Mathematics in the Geosciences (10/3 - 10/6)
09/16/2011 Short Course: Imaging and Analyzing Southern California's Active Faults with High-Resolution Lidar Topography
09/15/2011 Knopoff Chair at UCLA
09/14/2011 New SCEC Director
08/29/2011 Research Position in Real-Time Seismology at ETH Zurich
08/26/2011 Job Announcement-UNAVCO-Project Manager-Polar Programs
08/03/2011 Last-Minute AGU Session Announcements: Abstracts Due August 4
08/02/2011 NEES@UCSB Project IT Manager Position
07/28/2011 AGU Session T57: What Can Fault Rocks Tell Us About Earthquake Mechanics?
07/22/2011 Announcing AGU Session T34: Mechanics of the Lithospheric Deformation During the Earthquake Cycle
06/28/2011 AGU session S07: Earthquake Early Warning Capabilities and Delivery Around the World
06/24/2011 Three More AGU Special Session Announcements
06/22/2011 Earth Cube DCL released
06/17/2011 Four AGU Special Session Announcements
06/15/2011 PhD opportunity in Computational Seismology at the Swiss Seismological Service, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
06/09/2011 Travel Support for the 4th International Symposium on Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion
04/15/2011 Invitation to a gathering in memory of Leon Knopoff on Thursday, May 5, at 3:30 pm at the UCLA Faculty Center
04/06/2011 RTGPS session at EarthScope National Meeting
03/30/2011 Announcement of CIG Tutorials (Pylith and Gale) at the 2011 EarthScope National Meeting
02/28/2011 ANNOUNCEMENT: CVM-H Software Release
01/26/2011 Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake (4 April 2010) Rupture LiDAR Scan available from
01/18/2011 SCEC 2011 Summer Internships Application Are Open!
01/05/2011 CORSSA: The Community Online Resource for Statistical Seismicity Analysis
12/15/2010 2011 SCEC Intern Program Announcements
12/10/2010 Two UC Berkeley postdoc positions: Earthquake Early Warning and Earth Imaging
12/08/2010 SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Geophysics: Applications for Fall 2011
11/23/2010 Exciting Volunteer Research Opportunity in Southern California
11/16/2010 USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowships: Earthquake Hazards
11/09/2010 Postdoc in Seismology, U. Alaska Fairbanks
10/27/2010 2010 FAULT PARTY @ AGU
10/21/2010 Research position in Mechanical and Civil Engineering at Caltech
10/15/2010 Postdoctoral Position in Computational Seismology
10/12/2010 Pacific Conference of Earthquake Engineering 2011: Special Session "New Perspectives in Seismic Hazard: from Observation to Quantification"
10/05/2010 Research Geophysicist Position with USGS in Pasadena, CA
09/28/2010 2010 NCALM Student Lidar Seed Proposals
09/27/2010 PhD Student Opportunity in Geophysics at SDSU/UCSD
09/23/2010 Grand Challenges in Geodesy for the 21st Century - Comments by October 25
09/23/2010 Postdoc position at Utah State University
09/23/2010 Job Opening at UNAVCO - Data Analyst
08/03/2010 Job opening: Operational Geophysicist, USGS Menlo Park
07/27/2010 Postdoctoral Position in Structural Geology/Rock Mechanics at Stanford University
07/23/2010 Workshop on PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROCESSES IN SEISMIC FAULTS - Padua, Italy, 18th-20th November 2010
07/23/2010 Carnegie Institution for Science seeking Director for Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism
07/23/2010 USGS Menlo Park Vacancy: Physical Scientist
07/22/2010 Position in Data Analysis at Caltech Seismo Lab
07/15/2010 Vacancy Announcement - Physical Scientist, FEMA (Oakland, CA)
07/12/2010 Int'l Conference on "Geodynamical Phenomena: From Observations and Experiments to Theory & Modeling"
06/29/2010 2010 GSA Annual Meeting - Applications of Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar
06/29/2010 Where does earthquake physics meet earthquake geology?
06/18/2010 New NSF solicitation "Frontiers of Earth System Dynamics" (NSF 10-577)