SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
07/24/2009 AGU session S18: Topography Effects in Ground Motion Predictions: From Numerical Modeling to Engineering Design
07/23/2009 2009 Fall AGU Special Session S06: Innovations and Advances in Earthquake Early Warning Systems Around the World
07/21/2009 AGU session T06: Brittle Deformation of Solids and Granular Materials
07/15/2009 Submit Abstracts for GSA 2009 Session T75: "Slow Slip and Non-Volcanic Seismic Tremor..."
07/13/2009 2009 SCEC Annual Meeting - Save the Dates!
06/08/2009 CIG Draft Proposal
05/28/2009 APRU 5th Research Symposium on "Multi-Hazards around the Pacific Rim" (Aug 17-18, 2009)
05/22/2009 Submit a session proposal to 2009 Fall AGU Meeting
05/21/2009 International School on Complexity GRAINS, FRICTION, AND FAULTS; Registration Deadline Extended
05/21/2009 Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institue for Geoscientists '09
05/12/2009 Post Doc Position in Seismology in Grenoble
05/11/2009 Fwd: WeatherPredict Consulting Job Opening (Seismic Risk Analyst)
05/07/2009 New GeoEarthScope LiDAR data: Yellowstone, Tetons, Wasatch now available
04/29/2009 7th International Conference on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering
04/28/2009 Updating short-term tectonics working group priorities & workshop
04/28/2009 Workshop Announcement: Deformation and Failure of Geomaterials
04/28/2009 ShakeOut Lecture at PCC, May 1 at 7 pm
04/14/2009 Postdoctoral Position in Seismology at Caltech
04/08/2009 Earthscope Workshop: Leveraging USArray: Onshore/Offshore Experiments
04/03/2009 Invitation to EarthScope Reception in Washington, D.C.
04/03/2009 Source Inversion Validation Workshop at SSA 2009
04/03/2009 Abstract Deadline extended for US/Canadian Conference on EQ Engineering
04/02/2009 Western US GPS Velocity Field Workshop at the 2009 EarthScope Meeting
04/01/2009 Earthquake Education Workshop -- Deadline Extended
03/27/2009 Annual earthquake hazards grant application period is open
03/18/2009 Ph.D Opportunities at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
03/18/2009 International School on Complexity GRAINS, FRICTION, AND FAULTS
03/18/2009 FY 2010 External Research Support (NEHRP) Application Period is Open
03/16/2009 2009 Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Faulting
03/12/2009 Computational Earthquake Scientist postdoc position at SDSU
03/03/2009 IRIS WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Flexi-RAMP Concept Development
02/25/2009 Student Support for StatSei 6
02/23/2009 AGU Special Session NG03: Predictability of Extreme Events
02/23/2009 CGU/AGU - NG04: The Physics of the Earthquake Process
02/19/2009 AGU Special Session G04: Laser Scanning / Geophysical Studies
02/17/2009 Collaborations in Mathematical Geosciences (new NSF solicitation)
02/13/2009 Do you want to be a SCEC/SURE Mentor for 2009? Please submit your project description
02/13/2009 2009 Internship Opportunities with the Southern California Earthquake Center -- Spread the Word
02/13/2009 StatSei 6 Registration Deadline: March 6, 2009
02/09/2009 Network Seismologist Position at ETH Zurich
01/26/2009 NSF-EAR Announcement
12/11/2008 BSSA Special Issue on the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
12/01/2008 Garlock LiDAR data release: GeoEarthScope SoCal airborne LiDAR
11/11/2008 Nevada Seismological Laboratory Director
11/09/2008 Free BSSA Special Collection of Hayward Fault Articles
10/30/2008 Employment opportunity with the USGS National Seismic Hazard Mapping Project, Golden, CO
10/13/2008 USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Opportunity: Alaska
10/02/2008 SCEC transient detection "blind test"
09/25/2008 EERI Technical Briefing on Wenchuan, China, Earthquake
09/23/2008 Rapid Response Drilling Workshop, Nov. 17-19