SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
01/22/2008 Physical Scientist position available, USGS Earthquake Hazards Team
01/22/2008 Scripps Postdoctoral Awards
01/15/2008 Postdoctoral Researcher: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
01/10/2008 EarthScope Speakers Available at No Cost!!
01/04/2008 GSA Eastern California Shear Zone Field Trip
01/04/2008 Faculty Position: Appalachian State University
12/20/2007 Special SSA 2008 Session: Science Without Borders
12/03/2007 SSA 2008 Special Session: Extreme Ground Motions
12/03/2007 Faculty Position in Seismology or Mantle Dynamics at USC
11/28/2007 Fault Zones: Structure, Geomechanics and Fluid Flow - Call for Papers
11/26/2007 AGU: EarthScope Booth and Town Hall Meeting
11/26/2007 NSF position in EAR Deep Earth Processes Section
11/20/2007 Job Opening at USGS Pasadena Office
11/19/2007 GeoEarthScope LiDAR RFI
11/19/2007 Call for mentors, 2008 SURE program
11/15/2007 Seismic Network Product Manager position available at Caltech
11/12/2007 Postdoctoral Position at Cornell
11/12/2007 Earth Observations from Space: The First 50 Years of Scientific Achievements
11/08/2007 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geophysics at Stanford
11/06/2007 Another SSA special session announcement
11/05/2007 Announcement of SSA special session
10/25/2007 Postdoctoral position at Georgia Tech
10/23/2007 GIS Geoscience Analyst/Developer Job Advertisement - Arizona State University
10/19/2007 Submit a Session Proposal for the 2008 AGU Joint Assembly
10/16/2007 Paleoseismology in Parkfield, CA
10/12/2007 Release of CSEP Testing Center Software
10/11/2007 Faculty Positions at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
10/11/2007 Research Position in Seismology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
10/08/2007 UC Davis Faculty Position
10/01/2007 Faculty Position in Applied Geophysics at SDSU
10/01/2007 Earth Sciences Division Director search at NSF
10/01/2007 PhD Positions Available at ETH Zurich in Statistical Seismology
10/01/2007 Mendenhall postdoc opportunity - Quantitative 3D analysis of the Northern San Andreas fault
09/27/2007 UC Santa Cruz Geology Faculty search
09/27/2007 2008 SCEC RFP
09/13/2007 Earthquake Education Workshop for Teachers, Sept. 29 in L.A.
09/07/2007 14WCEE abstract submission deadline (October 1, 2007)
09/07/2007 Another USGS Mendenhall Post-doc Opportunity
09/06/2007 AGU Session G12: Plate Motion and How It Is Taken Up in Deforming Zones
09/06/2007 USGS Mendenhall Post-doc Opportunity
09/04/2007 Scientists and Teachers: seize the opportunity to promote your classroom research!
09/04/2007 Two more AGU session announcements: T23 and S13 (abstract deadline Sept. 6)
08/30/2007 Evison Symposium on Seismogenesis and Earthquake Forecasting, 18-22 Feb. 2008
08/30/2007 Announcing AGU Session S16: Global Adventures in Earthquake Predictability Experiments
08/28/2007 USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunity!
08/23/2007 Near Final SCEC Annual Meeting Agenda
08/22/2007 Abstract Submission Deadline is TOMORROW!
08/19/2007 Announcing AGU Session T40: Fragmentation Processes in the Earth
08/14/2007 AGU session on Investigations of Earthquake Rupture and Aseismic Fault Slip
08/10/2007 AGU Session: Earthquake Source Inversion Under Scrutiny