SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
03/29/2007 Announcement for the 2007 Workshop on Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Studies
03/29/2007 Post-doctoral research positions, Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities
03/15/2007 2nd Workshop on the Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Source Dynamics
03/09/2007 Postdoctoral Position in Real-time Seismology at Caltech
02/27/2007 AGU Joint Assembly session: Spatial and temporal fault zone evolution and fluid flow
02/21/2007 IODP Workshop Announcement: Addressing Geologic Hazards Through Ocean Drilling
02/16/2007 Research Position in Seismology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
02/05/2007 Post-Doctoral Research Associate Position in Seismology, UW-Madison
01/26/2007 EarthScope 2007 National Meeting Reminder
01/26/2007 Positions open at NSF/EAR
01/26/2007 Employment Opportunity in Seismology at Aon Corporation
01/15/2007 Department Head--Texas A&M
01/12/2007 USGS Public Lecture
01/09/2007 Earthquake predictability SSA special session
01/07/2007 Strong Motion Session Announcement
01/04/2007 SSA special session on borehole networks
12/19/2006 2007 SSA Meeting Special Session Announcement
12/19/2006 [insar_wg] SSA Special Session
12/19/2006 Tenure track position in Seismology-U of Alaska
12/06/2006 SoSAFE Workshop Draft Agenda (Jan 8-9, 2007)
12/06/2006 UCLA Tenure-Track Faculty Positions
12/05/2006 Postdoc Position: Regional Seismic Imaging: Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
12/01/2006 SCEC Summer Research Internships - Applications Now Available
12/01/2006 Ph.D. opportunity in Earthquake Early Warning, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
12/01/2006 Postdoctoral positions at SIO/UCSD
11/30/2006 Postdoctoral opportunities in Seismology at Harvard University
11/27/2006 Assistant Professorship at UNC Chapel Hill
11/22/2006 Register Now for the SoSAFE Workshop, January 8-9, 2007
11/22/2006 2007 EarthScope National Meeting Registration Now Open
11/22/2006 Faculty Positions in Science and Engineering, Arizona State University
11/16/2006 2nd call for mentors for SCEC interns
11/10/2006 Faculty Position in Seismology, Geology and Geophysics Department, University of Utah
11/01/2006 USGS Public Lecture Series presents "The San Andreas Fault: Exposed!"
10/30/2006 New Faculty Positions at Rice University
10/30/2006 Probabilistic Earthquake Loss Modeling - Open Position at Swiss Re
10/24/2006 Postdoctoral Researcher Position in the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
10/17/2006 EarthScope National Office--NSF Program Solicitation
10/10/2006 Assistant Professor in GEOPHYSICS / University of Western Ontario
10/10/2006 UNAVCO job opportunity: InSAR, LiDAR, Geochronology Data Engineer II
10/09/2006 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Seismological Society of America
10/05/2006 Faculty Position in Geophysics at UC Riverside
10/03/2006 Faculty Position in Solid Earth Geosciences at Georgia Tech
10/02/2006 CNRS Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years): Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, Laboratoire de Géologie
09/28/2006 Postdoctoral Associate Position in Seismology/Dynamics of Yellowstone
09/19/2006 AAPG Meeting in Long Beach
09/05/2006 Scientists and Teachers: seize the opportunity to promote your classroom research!
09/05/2006 Computational Science Workshop in Austin, Oct. 16-18
08/28/2006 Two more AGU special sessions: GC09 and T29
08/23/2006 Pomona College Faculty Position in Petrology/Mineralogy
08/21/2006 Workshop on California Delta and Levee Risk