SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
04/27/2006 More Information on August Workshop in Istanbul
04/27/2006 2006 Workshop on Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Studies
04/26/2006 Propose a Session for the 2006 AGU Fall Meeting
04/26/2006 New LiDAR / ALSM user LISTSERV
04/18/2006 EAR Program solicitation update
04/18/2006 New Faculty Position at USC
04/17/2006 Postdoctoral Position at Purdue University
04/13/2006 Faculty Position in Computational Seismology/Imaging
04/08/2006 Faculty Position at Caltech
04/05/2006 SCEC-related 1906 Anniversary activities
03/30/2006 Call for nominations for SCEC3 Planning Committee
03/27/2006 Position at Caltech
03/22/2006 USGS NEHRP Grants
03/13/2006 InSAR Satellite Survey
03/06/2006 SCEC Publications Database reminder
02/27/2006 2006 Proposal Reviews
02/09/2006 Minisymposium on Modeling and Simulation of Earthquake Phenomena
01/27/2006 Workshop Announcement, SCEC-Turkey
01/27/2006 Call for Papers, 2006 WPGM S12: Fault-Zone Properties and Behaviors in Earthquakes
01/24/2006 Faculty Position in Seismology
01/22/2006 June 4-8, 2006, CMG meeting in Israel
01/13/2006 NSF GEO request for input on cyberinfrastructure support
12/28/2005 Vacancy Announcement for DD/EAR
12/21/2005 Research Position at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
12/19/2005 Tenure Track Position at Oregon State
12/19/2005 Request for Letters of Interest in Handling PBO Borehole Seismic Data
12/19/2005 Post-Doc Position at Indiana University
12/19/2005 NASA ESTO Lidar Community Forum
12/15/2005 Seminar: Seismic Performance of Existing Concrete Buildings
12/15/2005 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference
11/28/2005 New Post-Doctoral Position at Harvard
11/08/2005 Workshop on multiscale modeling and geosciences
11/07/2005 Reminder: One more week to submit SCEC proposals
10/20/2005 Minisymposium on Modeling and Simulation of Earthquake Phenomena
10/19/2005 Faculty positions available at UCLA
10/18/2005 Agenda for upcoming SCEC workshop, Oct. 27-28
10/06/2005 Post-doctoral positions available with AfricaArray
08/05/2005 USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Opportunity
08/04/2005 Two AGU Special Sessions
06/10/2005 Forwarded message: Director of USGS resigns
05/20/2005 EERI Technical Seminar: Seismic Risk Analysis
05/09/2005 Geophysicist/Geodesist at USGS
05/09/2005 Postdoctoral Researcher/Seismology: Stanford Geophysics
05/08/2005 Instructor positions at Central Washington University
05/03/2005 Fwd: CSUF Geosciences Opportunities Day - An Invitation to You!
04/28/2005 Fwd: USGS GPS Mapping Project
12/06/2004 Denali Earthquake Papers in EERI Earthquake Spectra