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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
01/28/2022 Apply NOW! Fully-Funded Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates Interested in Earthquake Science
01/20/2022 USGS NSHMP Geophysicist Job Announcement
01/20/2022 Full Professor and Department Chair Position at SDSU
01/13/2022 Two PhD positions in "Laboratory Earthquakes", University of Oslo
01/07/2022 Upcoming Evaluation of the SCEC Community Fault Model v5.3
01/06/2022 Multiple SSA Session / Abstracts Requests from SCEC Community Members
12/13/2021 TODAY: Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory Town Hall at AGU 2021 - December 14th 6:15-7:15 CT - Online and In-Person
12/09/2021 Multiple Announcements from SCEC Community Members
11/30/2021 Multiple Announcements from SCEC Community Members
11/19/2021 Multiple Announcements from SCEC Community Members
11/18/2021 Search for Director, Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI)
11/05/2021 Multiple Announcements: Faculty, Staff, Postdoc, and Graduate Opportunities
10/29/2021 Multiple Announcements: PhD, Postdoc, Staff, and Faculty Positions (Various Organizations)
10/15/2021 Webinar for the Centers for Innovation and Community Engagement in Solid Earth Geohazards Program
10/14/2021 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Webinars, Conferences, and More!
10/08/2021 Multiple Announcements: EERI Haiti Webinar, Postdocs (AIST), Graduate Research with MTMOD, and Postdocs / Postmaster Jobs at LANL
09/29/2021 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, SZ4D Report, BRES 2021, and more!
09/17/2021 Multiple Announcements from SCEC Community Members
09/02/2021 Multiple Job Announcements: Research Geophysicist at USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, PhD at Utrecht University, & Earthquake Hazard Professional at Karen Clark
08/31/2021 Job Announcement: Communication, Education, and Outreach Assistant Coordinators, ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System
08/30/2021 SCEC Workshop - Research Mentee Training - Harnessing Mentoring Relationships (Sept 9-10, 2021)
08/26/2021 Multiple Job Announcements: Assistant Professor at CSULB, Postdoc at Penn State, & Postdoc at GEM
08/20/2021 2nd International Virtual Workshop on Global Seismology & Tectonics (IVWGST-2021) 20-30 September' 2021
08/20/2021 Update to Announcement: USGS Earthquake Science Center Director Position Open
08/05/2021 UC Berkeley - Early Warning Postdoctoral Fellowship
07/30/2021 Two AGU Session Calls for Abstracts (T030 and DI010)
07/29/2021 Term Geophysicist Position in Monitoring Seismicity in EGS Settings at USGS Moffett Field
07/22/2021 USGS Earthquake Science Center Director Position Open
07/16/2021 Multiple Announcements: Position with the Earthquake Research Institute (Japan), GSA Session Announcement, and AGU Session Announcement
07/08/2021 Multiple Announcements: Jobs at the USGS and TAMU; 3rd Cargese Earthquakes School; AGU Session Announcements
07/02/2021 Multiple Announcements: Postdocs, Fellowships, and a GSA Session
06/17/2021 Tenure-Track Positions in Geophysics, New Mexico Tech
06/08/2021 Geomechanics Postdoc at LLNL
06/08/2021 USGS NSHM User-Needs Workshop: Save the dates - June 28-30, 2021
05/24/2021 Multiple Announcements: PhD and Postdoctoral Opportunities, COMET Webinar, and Seismica Initiative
05/12/2021 ESC2021: Session 31 When science meets industry: Advances in engineering seismology stemming from practice
05/05/2021 Multiple Announcements: Invitation to MCS-RCN Townhall and Job Opportunity at Risk Management Solutions Inc
04/28/2021 Multiple Announcements: CIG Distinguished Speakers Host Applications and Post-graduate position at INGV
04/21/2021 Tenure-track faculty position in Seismology - University of Alaska Fairbanks
04/14/2021 Multiple Announcements: Call for AGU Session Proposals, PhD and Job Openings
03/31/2021 Multiple Announcements: Postdoctoral Positions at Penn State and KAUST
03/24/2021 Annual USGS Earthquake Hazards Grant Application Period Open
03/17/2021 Catastrophe Risk Modeler Position at Risk Management Solutions Inc. (Newark, California)
03/10/2021 COMET Webinar, 17 March, 4 PM GMT/UK time: Dr Iris van Zelst, University of Leeds
03/03/2021 Multiple Announcements: Caltech Postdoc Opportunity and UC Davis SMORES Program (Undergraduate)
02/23/2021 SZ4D Town Hall: An Update and Discussion on Developing Plans
02/11/2021 USGS Geophysicist Positions, University of Haifa PostDoc Opportunities
01/27/2021 Multiple Announcements: Postdoctoral positions at GFZ Potsdam and Cornell, CORS Analyst Positions, and NASA UAS Survey
01/20/2021 3 new Assistant Professor positions at Utrecht University
01/13/2021 Multiple SSA Announcements