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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
04/15/2020 Invitation to submit session proposal to Tectonophysics for the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting
04/10/2020 Multiple Announcements: USGS Jobs, USGS Applied Earthquake Research and Monitoring Awards, CRS Analyst Position
04/01/2020 San Fernando Earthquake Conference: Call For Abstracts Deadline Extended to May 5 2020
03/27/2020 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence NCALM airborne lidar datasets released via OpenTopography
03/27/2020 Early Career Investigator Virtual Workshop on a Community Vision for the Future Geophysical Facility
03/18/2020 Multiple Announcements: Summer Data Science Fellowship and Postdocs in Wisconsin, Rome, and New Zealand
03/12/2020 Multiple Announcements: USGS EQ Hazards Research Proposals, Postdocs in New Zealand, and UNAVCO Requests Your Input
02/26/2020 USGS, Geophysicist / Computer Scientist - ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning project
02/19/2020 Multiple Job Announcements (UTIG and LLNL)
02/14/2020 Multiple Announcements (Jobs + Workshops and Meetings)
02/13/2020 Reminder – Summer 2020 Internship Opportunities at the Southern California Earthquake Center Summer
01/23/2020 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Webinars, Conferences, and More!
01/10/2020 Multiple SSA 2020 Session Announcements
01/07/2020 Two SSA2020 Session Announcements
01/07/2020 Two Job Announcements / USGS Moffett Field and Karen Clark and Co
12/19/2019 2020 National Earthquake Conference - Register Now!
12/19/2019 Program Scientist, Earth Surface and Interior, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
12/16/2019 Multiple Job Announcements: NSF, GNS, Harvard, and Karen Clark & Company
12/04/2019 Multiple Announcements: AGU Townhalls, EGU sessions, AGeS2 program, CIRES
11/22/2019 2 Openings at Nanometrics: Research Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer/Scientist
11/20/2019 SCEC SURE Intern Program - Host an Intern
11/18/2019 Jobs: MIS Manager at USC Earth Sciences, Asst Professor at University of Bristol, USGS Mendenhall and UC Davis Postdocs
11/15/2019 AGU DAS Workshop SCIWS23, Sunday, 8 December 2019, Grand Hyatt, 8:00 - 16:00
11/14/2019 Upcoming Gatherings: National Earthquake Conference, San Fernando Earthquake Conference, and Northern California Earthquake Hazards Workshop
11/07/2019 Register Open Science Talk 2020 (Portland, OR)!
11/07/2019 Postdocs with USGS, GEM, and University of Bristol
10/28/2019 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Conferences, and More!
10/10/2019 Job Announcements: Faculty, Post-doc, and PhD Positions
10/02/2019 Workshop / Conference Announcements (SSA, San Diego Earthquake Workshop, SPE/SEG Workshop)
10/01/2019 Multiple Job Announcements (Cornell, Caltech, CSU San Bernardino, & IU)
09/16/2019 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Workshops, and Conferences!
09/06/2019 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Conferences, and More!
08/27/2019 Faculty Positions, IU and Cal Poly Pomona
08/22/2019 Multiple Announcements: SMIP Seminar and Postdoc Ops
08/19/2019 Staff Position at Caltech, SCSN / CISN
08/19/2019 Multiple Announcements: SRL Call for Papers (Ridgecrest), Mendenhall Positions, Ocean Science Meeting 2020
08/08/2019 Job Opening for a Geoscientist at the University of Oklahoma (permanent staff position)
07/29/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Calls for Abstracts
07/22/2019 Workshop: Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries: REGISTRATION OPEN
07/22/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Calls for Abstracts
07/22/2019 Multiple Announcements: USGS ShakeAlert Job, MCS RCN Workshop, GSA Session on Ridgecrest Sequence
07/11/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Call for Abstracts
06/28/2019 Multiple Announcements: Submit to Geosphere Issue, AGU 19 Sessions
06/11/2019 Multiple Announcements: Positions at UT Austin and LLNL
06/09/2019 Multiple Announcements: 2 Postdoctoral positions and a GSA Session
05/22/2019 Postdoctoral Position in Earthquake Science at the University of Oregon
05/16/2019 DEADLINE EXTENDED - Apply Now: SCEC Research Mentor Training Workshop - June 7-8, 2019
05/10/2019 Two-Year Postdoctoral Scholar Position on “Merging Multi-scale Velocity Models”
05/10/2019 Workshop Announcement: Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries September 18-19, 2019
05/07/2019 Multiple Announcements: GSA Session Announcement + Special Issue in JGR