SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
08/22/2019 Multiple Announcements: SMIP Seminar and Postdoc Ops
08/19/2019 Staff Position at Caltech, SCSN / CISN
08/19/2019 Multiple Announcements: SRL Call for Papers (Ridgecrest), Mendenhall Positions, Ocean Science Meeting 2020
08/08/2019 Job Opening for a Geoscientist at the University of Oklahoma (permanent staff position)
07/29/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Calls for Abstracts
07/22/2019 Workshop: Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries: REGISTRATION OPEN
07/22/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Calls for Abstracts
07/22/2019 Multiple Announcements: USGS ShakeAlert Job, MCS RCN Workshop, GSA Session on Ridgecrest Sequence
07/11/2019 AGU Session Announcements, Call for Abstracts
06/28/2019 Multiple Announcements: Submit to Geosphere Issue, AGU 19 Sessions
06/11/2019 Multiple Announcements: Positions at UT Austin and LLNL
06/09/2019 Multiple Announcements: 2 Postdoctoral positions and a GSA Session
05/22/2019 Postdoctoral Position in Earthquake Science at the University of Oregon
05/16/2019 DEADLINE EXTENDED - Apply Now: SCEC Research Mentor Training Workshop - June 7-8, 2019
05/10/2019 Two-Year Postdoctoral Scholar Position on “Merging Multi-scale Velocity Models”
05/10/2019 Workshop Announcement: Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries September 18-19, 2019
05/07/2019 Multiple Announcements: GSA Session Announcement + Special Issue in JGR
04/30/2019 USGS Job Announcements: Network Engineer for SCSN, Geologist in Menlo Park
04/29/2019 APPLY NOW: SCEC Research Mentor Training Workshop - June 7-8, 2019
04/16/2019 Geophysicist/Geodesist at the USGS Pasadena Field Office
04/15/2019 AGU Tectonophysics Session Proposals
04/02/2019 Job Opportunities: LDEO and Caltech
03/28/2019 Annual Earthquake Hazards Grant Application Period is Open
03/25/2019 USGS Job Opening, Int'l Earthquake & Landslide Response and Risk Reduction
03/20/2019 White Paper Draft on Modeling Earthquake Source Processes (MESP)
03/07/2019 Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures
02/27/2019 PhD and Post-Doc positions in the Netherlands on induced seismicity
02/15/2019 SUBITOP Topo-Europe Conference on Subducton Zone Topography
02/06/2019 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Nominations, Workshops, and Conferences
02/04/2019 High-Res Patagonia Lacustrine Seismic Cruise: Call for Participation
01/24/2019 Workshop on Passive Imaging & Monitoring in Wave Physics: From Seismology to Ultrasound
01/24/2019 PhD and Postdoc positions in DAS/Seismology at Geoazur/University Cote d'Azur
01/17/2019 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Conferences, Workshops, and Memberships
01/14/2019 EMI 2019 @ Caltech: MS-14 Advanced Analysis for Earthquake Engineering
01/10/2019 SSA Session Announcements - Deadline Today
01/10/2019 Summer 2019 - Internship Opportunities with the Southern California Earthquake Center
12/21/2018 Multiple Job Announcements: USGS, Scripps, & aBerkeley
12/17/2018 SSA Session Announcements
12/04/2018 EGU Session “SM3.2/NH4.12 Advancing earthquake forecasting”
12/04/2018 Jobs: USGS, Scripps / UC San Diego, NASA
12/04/2018 Chichi20 International Conference / Calls for Abstracts
11/29/2018 New NSF Program: Frontier Research in the Earth Sciences FRES
11/16/2018 Jobs: USGS, Purdue, and LSU!
11/14/2018 Geophysicist Position, USGS Earthquake Science Center (Menlo Park)
11/09/2018 IRIS WEBINAR: ShakeAlert: The Path to West Coast Earthquake Early Warning ... how a few seconds can save lives and property - 11/14, 2 PM Eastern
11/02/2018 Multiple Announcements from Various Community Members
10/13/2018 Multiple Announcements: Job Opportunities, Seminars, and Workshops
09/17/2018 Multiple Announcements: Positions with the USGS and LDEO, Ground Modeling Workshop, and Machine Learning Workshop
09/04/2018 Jobs with the USGS, IRIS, Univ Bristol, and UO!
08/13/2018 Multiple Job Announcements