SCEC Announcements

Date Subject
12/14/2017 Faculty Positions Open at Ruhr University Bochum Institute for Geology, Mineralogy, and Geophysics
12/12/2017 Invitation to 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (MS1702a: Computational Geophysics)
12/11/2017 PhD and Postdoc Opportunities
11/28/2017 USGS ShakeAlert Chief Scientist Position
11/09/2017 Phd Student Opening / GFZ
11/06/2017 Tenured Faculty position at the Univ Washington, Director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
11/06/2017 Harvard Postdoctoral Positions
10/24/2017 SDSU PhD Opportunity
10/18/2017 Multiple Announcements: Jobs, Abstracts, Workshops, and More!
10/10/2017 Jobs: USGS Staff Position, Postdocs
10/05/2017 National Science Foundation Seeking Division Director, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences -- Application Deadline Extended
10/03/2017 Request for Papers: Thematic Issue in Geosphere on San Gorgonio Pass
10/02/2017 2nd BestPSHANI workshop 2018: “Best Practice in Physics-based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations: issues and challenges towards full Seismic Risk Analysis”
09/22/2017 SSA & LACSC Seismology of the Americas: Deadline for Session Proposals 2 October 2017
09/21/2017 Multiple Postdoc Opportunities (Scripps, LDEO, UMich, ASU)
09/19/2017 The Role of Advanced Technologies in Structural Engineering for More Resilient Communities
08/28/2017 International Conference for the Decade Memory of Wenchuan Earthquake, Chengdu, China, May 12-14, 2018
08/25/2017 IRIS WEBINAR - Flavors of Pacific Northwest Earthquakes - 8/30, 2pm EDT
08/24/2017 Seismology of the Americas: Submit a Session Proposal
08/24/2017 New Permanent Seismologist Positions with CHIS/GSC NRCan in Ottawa and Sidney
08/17/2017 Postdoctoral Opportunity in Earthquake Geodesy - University of Iowa
08/17/2017 Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Structural/Tectonic Geology - SDSU
08/15/2017 SCEC Annual Meeting Workshop - Public Communications Theory and Practice for Scientists
08/11/2017 Call for Papers: Tectonophysics Special Issue "Physics of Earthquake Rupture Propagation"
08/09/2017 Department Head Position at Penn State University
08/02/2017 Final AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 31 - August 4
07/28/2017 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 24 - 28
07/21/2017 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 17 - 21
07/17/2017 Postdoc in the field of crustal deformation at Géoazur-Université Côte d'Azur
07/13/2017 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 10-14
06/28/2017 Postdoctoral position in modelling of induced seismicity
06/27/2017 Reducing Risk Where Tectonic Plates Collide – A Plan to Advance Subduction Zone Science
06/26/2017 Registration Open, PSHA Workshop in Switzerland
06/15/2017 Associate Research Scientist position in Geology and Geophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
06/07/2017 3 postdoc positions open at Geomechanics section of GFZ Potsdam
06/05/2017 AOGS2017 Workshop: Physical Modeling of GPS and InSAR Data with Unicycle
06/01/2017 Post-doctoral research position in large-N seismology at Cornell University
05/24/2017 Postdoc Opportunity, Kamai Research Group
05/19/2017 PhD scholarship in New Zealand
05/16/2017 Cargese Summer School on Earthquakes
05/09/2017 11NCEE: June 25-29, 2018; Call for Papers
04/14/2017 Call for Papers: Tectonophysics Special Issue "Physics of Earthquake Rupture Propagation"
04/12/2017 Workshop on Frontiers in Studies of Earthquakes and Faults
04/12/2017 GEESD V 2018 Announcement
04/11/2017 2017 Crustal Deformation Modeling Tutorial and Workshop, June 26-30
04/10/2017 Call for Session Proposals, Tectonophysics at AGU 2017
04/10/2017 Three-year PhD position in Statistical Seismology and Geomechanics at ETH Zürich (Edi Kissling and Didier Sornette)
04/08/2017 Save the date: 5TH BIENNIAL STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY AND TECTONICS FORUM; January 4-9, 2018 at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
04/04/2017 USGS Earthquake Hazards grant application Technical Announcement
03/22/2017 Research Seismologist Position Open, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory