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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
10/13/2018 Multiple Announcements: Job Opportunities, Seminars, and Workshops
09/17/2018 Multiple Announcements: Positions with the USGS and LDEO, Ground Modeling Workshop, and Machine Learning Workshop
09/04/2018 Jobs with the USGS, IRIS, Univ Bristol, and UO!
08/13/2018 Multiple Job Announcements
08/03/2018 Postdoctoral Position in Seismology at the University of Oregon
07/25/2018 2019 GeoProc International Conference on Earthquake and Faulting Mechanics
07/24/2018 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 23rd - July 28th, 2018
07/20/2018 Re: Call for Papers - PAGEOPH Topical Volume “Best Practices in Physics-based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations: issues and challenges towards full Seismic Risk Analysis”
07/12/2018 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 9th - July 13th, 2018
07/06/2018 Faculty Position at the University of Michigan in Solid Earth Geophysics or Geology
07/03/2018 AGU Session Announcements | Week of July 2nd - July 6th, 2018
06/22/2018 Job Opportunity at USGS in Menlo Park
06/15/2018 WEGENER 2018 - 15 June 2018 Abstract deadline
06/14/2018 Education and Community Engagement Specialist, UNAVCO
06/06/2018 Workshop on modeling earthquake source processes
06/04/2018 Mendenhall postdoctoral opportunity at USGS Menlo Park related to seismic velocity models and earthquake ground motion
05/24/2018 Open Position for Seismologist at Karen Clark & Company
05/22/2018 Post-doc Opportunity Volcanology-Fluid Dynamics at USF
05/18/2018 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in Singapore (Earthquake Geology and/or Holocene Sea Level)
05/10/2018 Call for papers: Seismotectonics of the San Andreas Fault System in the San Gorgonio Pass region
05/01/2018 IT Specialist at UC Santa Cruz Opening
05/01/2018 SeedMe Workshop: Collaborative Data Sharing Infrastructure for Researchers
04/09/2018 QuakeCoRE Postdoctoral Fellow in Ground Motion Simulation
04/09/2018 2018 IRIS Workshop: Foundations, Frontiers, and Future Facilities for Seismology
03/27/2018 Announcement of ESC special session #30 - From source to site: understanding and modelling high-frequency attenuation
03/27/2018 AGU Session Submissions - Tectonophysics
03/27/2018 Annual Earthquake Hazards Grant Application Period is Open
03/26/2018 Mendenhall Positions at USGS Menlo Park
03/14/2018 Open Position at USGS in Pasadena
03/09/2018 Announcements from IRIS: Webinar with Susan Hough + Undergrad Field Work Opportunities
02/25/2018 Multiple Announcements for Jobs, Workshops, and More!
02/21/2018 11NCEE Early Bird Registration Rates End February 28!
02/14/2018 John W. Miles Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical And Computational Geophysics
02/08/2018 Registration Open for 11NCEE (11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering)
02/07/2018 2018 Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Rock Deformation
02/07/2018 Banff 2018 International Induced Seismicity Workshop: Oct. 24-27, 2018
02/06/2018 SEG Annual Meeting Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section Technical Session
02/01/2018 Call for Papers: Special Session on Wenchuan Earthquake, at the 4th ICCE in Chengdu, China, May 12-14, 2018
01/30/2018 Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Geophysics at the California Institute of Technology
01/29/2018 11NCEE Registration Grants Available for Graduate Students, Early Career Academics, and Early Career Professionals
01/25/2018 GSA Outstanding Paper Award
01/23/2018 Summer Research Experience at the London Mathematical Laboratory (2 projects in earthquake hazards)
01/23/2018 29 Palms Marine Base and the Landers rupture
01/22/2018 Research Associate(s) in Engineering Seismology/Geo-Structural Earthquake Engineering (2 posts)
01/22/2018 Urban Liquefaction and Lateral Spread Investigations and Mapping Session at SSA 2018 - Abstract
01/22/2018 Information Technology & Earth Science Summer Internships with the Southern California Earthquake Center
01/16/2018 Advertisement for NSF EAR Division Director
01/09/2018 2018 EGU General Assembly Session Announcements
01/09/2018 Multiple SSA Session Announcements
12/19/2017 UAF Centennial Postdoctoral Initiative