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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
04/14/2017 Call for Papers: Tectonophysics Special Issue "Physics of Earthquake Rupture Propagation"
04/12/2017 Workshop on Frontiers in Studies of Earthquakes and Faults
04/12/2017 GEESD V 2018 Announcement
04/11/2017 2017 Crustal Deformation Modeling Tutorial and Workshop, June 26-30
04/10/2017 Call for Session Proposals, Tectonophysics at AGU 2017
04/10/2017 Three-year PhD position in Statistical Seismology and Geomechanics at ETH Zürich (Edi Kissling and Didier Sornette)
04/08/2017 Save the date: 5TH BIENNIAL STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY AND TECTONICS FORUM; January 4-9, 2018 at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
04/04/2017 USGS Earthquake Hazards grant application Technical Announcement
03/22/2017 Research Seismologist Position Open, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
03/21/2017 Open Program Director Positions at NSF
03/21/2017 NSF Program Director Positions Available
03/16/2017 Call for Participation, GNSS Tsunami Early Warning System Workshop
03/07/2017 2017 EarthScope National Meeting
03/06/2017 Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Applied Geophysics at University of Bristol, UK
02/24/2017 Job Opportunity: Technical Officer of EarthCube
02/22/2017 Workshop: Frontiers in Studies of Earthquakes and Faults
02/13/2017 Tenure-Track or Tenured Faculty Position at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
02/01/2017 SCEC4: The Final Day
01/31/2017 IRIS Internship and Mentorship Opportunities
01/27/2017 UNAVCO Summer 2017 Paid Undergraduate and Graduate Student Internships
01/25/2017 Two Scientific Research Programmer Positions Available at SCEC
01/23/2017 JpGU-AGU Session Announcement / Call for Abstracts
01/20/2017 JpGU-AGU Special Session & IAG-IASPEI Call for Abstracts
01/19/2017 Leadership Opportunities at NSF in Earth Sciences
01/16/2017 LANL Post-doctoral Researcher – Machine Learning and Earthquake Slip Processes
01/10/2017 SSA and EGU Session Announcements/Calls for Abstracts
01/09/2017 Multiple SSA Session Announcements/Calls for Abstracts
01/05/2017 SSA Session Announcement/Call for Abstracts
01/03/2017 Multiple SSA Session Announcements/Calls for Abstracts
12/27/2016 USGS Pasadena Linux IT Specialist Position
12/27/2016 Multiple SSA Session Announcements/Calls for Abstracts
12/21/2016 Forecasting Aftershock Sequences in the Real World at the SSA annual meeting
12/20/2016 EGU 2017: Numerical modeling of earthquake physics
12/15/2016 USGS Job Opportunity: Real Time GNSS Operations and Research
12/12/2016 Mendenhall Postdoc Opportunity: #S26
12/12/2016 EEW-related Job Opportunities with the USGS in Menlo Park, Pasadena, and Seattle
12/07/2016 Oxford University Faculty Positions
12/07/2016 USGS Marine Geologist Position
12/06/2016 Postdoc Position in Seismology or Geodesy at the University of Washington, Seattle
11/30/2016 Open Position, SCEC CSEP Software Engineer (Research Programmer II)
11/11/2016 Assistant Professor Position, UC Berkeley; Faculty Positions at IES, NTU (Taiwan)
11/10/2016 Tenure-Track Assistant Professor: Geodesy | CSUN
11/03/2016 Proposal for a New TAG in SCEC5: Comparing Simulations of Earthquake Sequences and Aseismic Slip
10/21/2016 Postdoc, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
10/18/2016 Tenure-track faculty position at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
10/17/2016 Report on Future Directions in Tectonics - Status Update & Community Survey
10/14/2016 USGS Research Positions in Earthquake Ground Motion and/or Ground Failure
10/11/2016 SURVEY: Computational needs for seismology/geodesy/infrasound
10/04/2016 Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (Geophysics), Stony Brook University
10/03/2016 Open Faculty Positions in Geophysics, USC