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SCEC Announcements

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Date Subject
08/24/2016 SSA Accepting Special Session Proposals, 2017 Annual Meeting
08/19/2016 Job Announcements: EEW at UC Berkeley, Faculty Position at Earth Observatory of Singapore
08/12/2016 Job Announcements: UCSB, Ben-Gurion University, Central Michigan University
08/08/2016 SCEC Director Search
08/05/2016 Positions Open at USC / SCEC: Director of SCEC, and Faculty Position in Global
08/04/2016 UCSD Position: Information Systems Analyst 4
08/02/2016 AGU 2016 Session Announcement | Fault scars: markers of the speed of a fault rupture? (Session S008: ID #13152)
07/23/2016 Additional AGU 2016 Session Announcements
07/15/2016 USGS Position: Electronics Technician | AGU Session Announcements
07/12/2016 AGU 2016 Session Announcements/Calls for Abstracts
07/06/2016 Multiple Announcements: Faculty Position at University of Hawaii, AGU 2016 Session Announcements
06/28/2016 Postdoctoral Position, University of Hawaii at Manao
06/14/2016 Now Accepting Applications!! 2016 SCEC-ERI-DPRI International Summer School on Earthquake Science
06/08/2016 Job Opportunities: Notre Dame CEEES, Geoazur Laboratory (France)
06/03/2016 Multiple Announcements: NASA Earth Surface and Interior Needs Reviewers, Postdoc at U
05/31/2016 Job Announcement: Research Director, CEA
05/27/2016 Electronic Technician Positions at the USGS (Pasadena, San Diego)
05/24/2016 EEW IT Specialist positions at the USGS (Menlo Park, Pasadena, and Seattle)
05/18/2016 LANL Workshop: State of Stress in the Earth
04/29/2016 Researcher / Seismologist (Induced Seismicity) at ETH Zurich
04/14/2016 USGS Mendenhall Opportunity 16-16: Linking landscape evolution and seismic hazard in California
04/11/2016 Multiple Announcements: ESC 2016 Session 19, Mendenhall Opportunity 16-12
04/05/2016 Session announcement for ESC 2016: Session #25 "Earthquake seismology applied: What’s needed for managing the many facets of risk”
04/01/2016 Multiple Announcements: USGS Mendenhall Postdoc Opportunities
03/30/2016 USGS Mendenhall Postdoc Opportunity: Injection-Induced Seismicity
03/29/2016 USGS Mendenhall Postdoc Opportunity: Novel crustal deformation models for characterizing earthquake hazard and its uncertainties in the western U.S.
03/17/2016 Multiple Announcements: USGS Earthquake Hazards Grant Application Period Opens, LLNL Postdoc Position Open
03/13/2016 Multiple Announcements: Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Rock Deformation, 1 PhD and 1 PostDoc position in Rock Physics, Univ. Oslo, Norway
03/04/2016 Call for Papers - PAGEOPH Topical Volume “Best Practices in Physics-based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations”
03/01/2016 Lecturer Position at UC Berkeley, Earth & Planetary Science
02/26/2016 Multiple Announcements: EXTENSION, EarthScope Synthesis Workshops | SAGE program
02/12/2016 EarthScope Synthesis Workshops - Call for Proposals
02/08/2016 Multiple Announcements: INQUA meeting, SSA Nominations, USGS Pasadena Geologist Position
02/01/2016 Multiple Announcements: Researcher Position Open (ETH Zurich), Call for Papers (PAGEOPH)
01/13/2016 National Earthquake Conference - Call for Presentations
01/12/2016 Multiple Announcements: IUGG Conference, Stanford Faculty Position, EGU Workshop, Tectonics Workshop
12/12/2015 Apply Now: High Resolution Topography Short Course (Deadline: January 7th)
12/12/2015 Multiple Announcements: Future Directions in Tectonics Workshop, Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences Position Open (Professor and Head)
12/07/2015 Postdoc Position in Geodetic Finite Fault Algorithms for Earthquake Early Warning
11/13/2015 Multiple Job Opportunities: USGS Mendenhall, OGS Research Seismologist, UC Boulder Assistant Professor (Geodesy)
11/11/2015 Invitation to Apply: ASU Postdoc in Remote Sensing of Large Scale Water Mass Budget Variations
11/06/2015 Open Faculty Position, UC Davis Earth and Planetary Materials
10/30/2015 Multiple Announcements: Postdoc Positions at Stanford, NASA ESI White Paper Solicitation
10/23/2015 Multiple Positions Open: SSA Editor-in-Chief, LSU Tenure-Track Assistant Professorship, Postdocs (University of Canterbury, NZ)
10/16/2015 Position Announcement at Western Washington University - Geoscience Education
10/16/2015 Faculty Position Opening: Colorado School of Mines
10/09/2015 Multiple Positions Open (LDEO, Yachay Tech University)/Call for Papers (PAGEOPH)
09/24/2015 Multiple Job Announcements: CSUN (Tenure-Track Assistant Professor), EarthScope ENO Specialist
09/04/2015 Multiple Announcements: Postdocs (LDEO, ASU), Tenure-Track Position at Long Beach State
08/31/2015 Multiple Announcements: Job Postings