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10/17/2018: Millions Worldwide To Participate In 2018 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills

10/17/2018: More than 10 Million Californians to Participate in ShakeOut, the World's Largest Earthquake Drill

10/17/2018: Great California ShakeOut: Bay Area Primary Media Event – City of Berkeley Civic Center Park

10/17/2018: Great California ShakeOut: Southern California Primary Media Event – Los Angeles City Hall

10/08/2018: ShakeOut Media Messaging, Tools, and Events to Inspire Participation and Promote Earthquake Preparedness

06/26/2018: Leading earthquake scientists, engineers, and policymakers convene so societies can better prepare to survive and recover

06/19/2018: 11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering Held in Downtown Los Angeles June 25 – 29, 2018

03/27/2018: Are You in the Zone? It's Tsunami Preparedness Week in California!

10/16/2017:​ Millions Worldwide Participate In 2017 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

10/16/2017:​ Great California ShakeOut Southern California Primary Media Event – Expo Park in Los Angeles​

10/13/2017: Great California ShakeOut Bay Area Primary Media Event – Google Offices in Mountain View

10/12/2017: Millions of California Residents to Participate in ShakeOut, the World's Largest Earthquake Drill

10/10/2017: How Radio and TV Stations Can Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

09/28/2017: Recent Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Gathering, Understanding, and Sharing Information with the USGS and NOAA Websites

08/03/2017: Recent Earthquakes - Gathering and Sharing Information with the USGS Website

10/13/2016: Millions Worldwide Participate In 2016 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills

10/11/2016: Broadcasters Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

09/20/2016: Nation Prepares in September and Gets Ready to ShakeOut

08/25/2016: Earthquake Scientists, Insurance Experts, and Government Officials Plan for the Bay Area's Seismic Future

11/18/2015: SCEC Improves Understanding of Earthquake Hazards with Supercomputers, Achieves Societal Impacts

10/12/2015: Record 21 Million to Practice Earthquake Safety

10/08/2015: Radio/TV Stations and ShakeOut, Options for Participation

09/25/2015: ShakeOut Breakfast Leadership Summit to Feature City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Dr. Lucy Jones

06/03/2015: San Andreas, the Movie: Fact, Fiction, and Fun


0908/2017: Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake in Mexico - USGS

06/22/2016: USGS Collaborates with FEMA on National Earthquake Loss Estimate - USGS / FEMA

06/21/2017: USGS publishes a new blueprint that can help make subduction zone areas more resilient - USGS

05/03/2016: National Earthquake Conference Set to Draw Experts from Across the Globe - FLASH

01/20/2016: EBB Opens Registration for $3,000 Grants to Strengthen Older California Homes Against Earthquakes - CEA

01/04/2016: CEA Unveils Lower Rates, More Policy Options and Bigger Discounts For Earthquake Insurance - CEA

10/09/2015: FEMA Encourages Participation in Oct 15 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills FEMA

08/10/2015: Nearly Half of Americans Exposed to Potentially Damaging Earthquakes USGS

03/10/2015: New Long-term Earthquake Forecast for California USGS