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SCEC Annual Meeting Participation. Upper bar chart shows registrants at the SCEC Annual Meeting 1991-2015. Pie chart shows the demographic profile of 2015 registrants (568 total). The lower bar chart is the history of SCEC base funding in as-spent millions of dollars; the connected dots are the base-funding totals in 2002 dollars.

SCEC is an open community of trust that nurtures early-career scientists and shares information and ideas about earthquake system science. The Center’s working groups, workshops, field activities, and annual meeting enable scientists to collaborate over sustained periods, building strong interpersonal networks that promote intellectual exchange and mutual support. In particular, SCEC encourages colleagues with creative physics-based ideas about earthquakes to formulate them as hypotheses that can be tested collectively. An advantage is that researchers with new hypotheses are quickly brought together with others who have observational insights, modeling skills, and knowledge of statistical testing methods. Participation in SCEC is open, and the participants are constantly changing.

SCEC Annual Meetings

The SCEC Annual Meeting is an opportunity for the community to share and get updates on SCEC research projects and activities, as well as plan collaborations for the coming year. The Annual Meeting is held each September, beginning on the Sunday after Labor Day.

Annual Meeting planning kicks off each year at the SCEC Leadership Retreat in June when the SCEC PC, Board of Directors, staff, and agency representatives meet to develop strategies for the Center.

The 2015 SCEC Annual Meeting returns to Palm Springs on September 13-16, 2015. The SCEC Planning Committee has organized the meeting as a series of thematic discussion sessions to bring the SCEC community up to date on the most recent developments, and to help ensure that the Collaboration is on target to meet the goals set forth in the SCEC4 "Tracking Earthquake Cascades” proposal. The agenda features keynote speakers on thought-provoking subjects that feed into discus­sions of major science themes, poster sessions on re­search results, technical demonstra­tions, education and outreach activities, and some lively social gatherings.

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SCEC-Funded Workshops

SCEC participants who wish to host a workshop may submit a proposal in response to the SCEC Science Collaboration Plan. We welcome workshop proposals that organizing collaborative research efforts for the five-year SCEC program (2012-2017). In particular, interactive workshops that engage more than one focus and/or disciplinary group are strongly encouraged. Below is a list of workshops funded for the current SCEC cycle.

Award Workshop Date Location
15049 Workshop 1: Potential Uses of Operational Earthquake Forecasting (OEF) System in California and Workshop 2: Implementation of Operational Earthquake Forecasting (OEF) System in California, Conveners: Ned Field (USGS) 03/16/2015
Fort Collins, CO
15006 SCEC Committee for Utilization of Ground Motion Simulations (UGMS) Meeting 4 and Meeting 5, Conveners: C.B. Crouse (AECOM) and Tom Jordan (SCEC/USC) 05/04/2015
Los Angeles, CA
15052 SCEC Workshop on 3D Site Effects in Physics-Based Ground Motion Simulations, Conveners: Domniki Asimaki (Caltech), John Anderson (UNR), Ricardo Taborda (U Memphis), Jon Stewart (UCLA) 05/04/2015 Los Angeles, CA
  International Summer School on Earthquake Science (iSSEs) 2015, Conveners: Kiwamu Nishida (ERI, UTokyo), Yoshihiro Ito (DPRI, Kyoto), Aitaro Kato (Nagoya), Victor Tsai (Caltech), Rowena Lohman (Cornell ) 09/04/2015 Yamanashi, Japan
15147 Anticipating SCEC5: Towards a Community Rheology Model (CRM) of the Southern California Lithosphere, Conveners: Liz Hearn, Wayne Thatcher (USGS), Yuri Fialko (UCSD), Greg Hirth (Brown), Gary Fuis (USGS), and Thorsten Becker (USC) 09/12/2015 Palm Springs, CA
15166 CSEP/USGS/GEM Workshop: Epistemic Uncertainties in Earthquake and Ground Motion Forecasts, Conveners: Maximilian Werner (Bristol) 09/12/2015 Palm Springs, CA
15068 Community Stress Model (CSM) Workshop, Conveners: Jeanne Hardebeck (USGS) 09/13/2015 Palm Springs, CA
15188 Imaging and Analyzing Southern California's Active Faults with High-Resolution Topography: A Joint SCEC/OpenTopography/UNAVCO Short Course, Conveners: Christopher Crosby 01/25/2016 Tempe, AZ
15152 Community Geodetic Model Workshop, Conveners: Jessica Murray (USGS) 01/28/2016 Pomona, CA
15136 Implementation of Ground Motion Simulation Validation (GMSV) Gauntlets on the Broadband Platform, Conveners: Nicolas Luco (USGS) TBD Los Angeles, CA
15095 Rupture Dynamics Code Validation 2015 Workshop, Conveners: Ruth Harris (USGS) TBD  
15071 Source Inversion Validation (SIV) Workshop, Conveners: Martin Mai (KAUST), Jean-Paul Ampuero (Caltech) TBD  
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