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Group B, Poster #116, Computational Science (CS)

GrowClust3D.jl: A Julia Package for the Relative Relocation of Earthquake Hypocenters Using 3D Velocity Models

Daniel Trugman
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Poster Presentation

2022 SCEC Annual Meeting, Poster #116, SCEC Contribution #12090 VIEW PDF
Relative relocation techniques have become widely used to refine the resolution of earthquake hypocentral positions. GrowClust3D.jl is an open-source software package written in the programming language Julia that builds and improves upon the original GrowClust algorithm, an established relative relocation technique that applies cluster analysis to waveform cross-correlation measurements. The adoption of Julia’s modern programming environment allows for greater flexibility in GrowClust3D.jl’s algorithm design and computational implementation, and opens up new opportunities for enterprising and ambitious users. Notable additions to the GrowClust3D.jl package include (i) several parallel proc...essing options to improve efficiency in bootstrap resampling uncertainty quantification routines, (ii) incorporation of geographic map projections and station elevations during the relocation process, and (iii) the ability to use travel-time tables derived from 3D velocity models. We demonstrate the new features of the software package on relocation problems of different scales in Nevada, California, Texas, and New Zealand, where in the latter two cases the use of a 3D velocity model helps resolve structures that remain obscure with earlier versions of GrowClust. We hope that the new GrowClust3D.jl software package will become a valuable public resource for SCEC researchers and the earthquake science community at large.