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Group B, Poster #050, Seismology

Shake to the beat: Exploring the seismic signals of concerts and music fans

Gabrielle Tepp, & Igor Stubailo
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2023 SCEC Annual Meeting, Poster #050, SCEC Contribution #12873 VIEW PDF
Recently, SwiftQuakes recorded in Seattle, WA, have gone viral – these are seismic signals generated during a Taylor Swift concert with ~70,000 fans in attendance. A few weeks after her Seattle concert, Swift performed 6 concerts in one week (2023 August 3-9) in Inglewood, CA, with a similar audience size. Seismic signals were recorded on a few regional network stations located within ~8 km of the stadium, as well as an accelerometer placed ~400 m from the stadium prior to the concert series. Seismic signals have previously been reported from various sporting events, though they typically show a different character. These types of events are fun for the public and a great opportunity for sei...smology outreach, but they can also provide a different perspective on how we analyze seismic signals. Here, we explore the seismic signals of these concerts, focusing on the Inglewood SwiftQuakes, and discuss the challenges and implications of analyzing atypical seismic signals. We include comparisons of the various stations and concert dates, an analysis of the frequency content and its relation to song beat rate, and an evaluation of how to measure the strength of a concert quake. Additionally, three other musical groups recently played at the same venue in Inglewood (Morgan Wallen on July 22, Metallica on August 25-27, and Beyonce on September 1-4), providing an opportunity to compare different groups and music genres.