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Last-Minute AGU Session Announcements: Abstracts Due August 4

Date: 08/03/2011

Dear SCEC Community,

Attached below are the final set of Special Session announcements for the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (Dec. 5-9, 2011), as contributed by SCEC community members, that will go out via this mailing list. That’s because the abstract deadline is August 4. If you wish to contribute, hurry -- time is running out!

---------------------- Special AGU Session EP13 ----------------------------


We invite you to submit an abstract to the following 2011 American Geophysical Union Meeting session this fall. The deadline for abstract submissions is August 4th.

EP13: High-Resolution Topographic Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization: Emerging Techniques and Applications

High-resolution topographic data collected via airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (lidar) have stimulated new results in the areas of surface processes, hazards, tectonics, and ecology. However, significant bottlenecks to data access, processing, and analysis remain. This session emphasizes technical advancements in high-resolution topographic (and bathymetric) data management, processing, analysis, and visualization, as well as related applications. We invite contributions on software and algorithm development, high-performance data processing and visualization, and emerging analysis techniques.

Sponsor: Earth and Planetary Surface Processes (EP)
Co-Sponsor(s): Geodesy (G), Hydrology (H), Earth and Space Science Informatics (IN)

Christopher Crosby
San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

J Ramon Arrowsmith
Arizona State University

Michael Oskin
UC Davis

---------------------- Special AGU Session NG02 ----------------------------

NG02: Complex Networks in Geosciences

The theory of complex networks aims at characterizing the genesis, structure and evolution of processes that can be described by networks (graphs). This approach provides significant insight on a fundamental level making it well-suited for solving long-standing problems in geosciences. This includes but is not limited to pattern formation, environmental dynamics, and prediction of extreme events in seismology, hydrology, atmospheric and space sciences. The session goal is to showcase the potential of complex networks and to solicit a range of contributions focused on network concepts and ideas across disciplines. The interdisciplinary character of the session specifically aims at facilitating the knowledge exchange between different scientific communities.

Ilya Zaliapin (zal@unr.edu)
Joern Davidsen (joern.davidsen@ucalgary.ca)

Session details:

---------------------- Special AGU Session T46 ----------------------------

Dear SCEC Colleagues,

Leonardo "Nano" Seeber, Sean Gulick, and I hope you can contribute an abstract to our special session at the AGU fall meeting. The session is T46: Sedimentation, Basin Development, and Vertical Motions along Distributed Transform Fault Systems.

Description: Continental Borderlands are characterized by broad areas of distributed faulting, with subsiding basins and intervening ridges or islands that are subsiding more slowly or are uplifting. Oblique slip, partitioned dip-slip through 3D fault bends, or gradients in crustal thickness in weak crust produce the relief. Fault reactivation is common, and growing relief results in gravity failures. The structural evolution affects sedimentation and is recorded by sedimentary rocks. We seek contributions that relate multiple aspects of Continental Borderlands worldwide, including Aegean-Marmara Sea, offshore Haiti, southern California, and Venezuela.

Contributed abstracts need not match too closely to the short description. We are equally interested in the evolution of transform systems and associated basins (for example, steady-state deformation through at least the Quaternary vs. various type of migrations of activity between branches, or changes from distributed to focused deformation. Los Angeles basin is of interest, as a filled Borderland basin.

Best Regards,

Christopher "Chris" Sorlien
For Nano and Sean