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Job Announcement-UNAVCO-Project Manager-Polar Programs

Date: 08/26/2011

Job announcement, forwarded from Holly Zilling, UNAVCO:

UNAVCO, a non-profit membership-governed consortium located in Boulder, Colorado, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy.

UNAVCO is seeking a dedicated project manager to support geodetic research in Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska, and other polar locations. The successful candidate will lead project support for geodesy community investigators funded by National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs (OPP) and related activities within the organization. Position responsibilities also include contributing to proposals to solicit funding for ongoing and new activities in a support or co-Principal Investigator role, as needed; definition of the scope of work for scientists and other stakeholders; and coordination and successful execution of over 50 UNAVCO-supported projects each year. The project manager supervises six engineering and technical staff members who provide support for Polar networks, field campaigns, and equipment pools. Currently supported technologies include GPS, terrestrial laser scanning, and meteorological instruments. This position is based in Boulder with several months of travel per year to field areas for project coordination. The successful candidate will have strong project management, technical, and people management skills and experience, together with understanding of UNAVCO investigator science applications in the Polar regions.

For nearly three decades, UNAVCO has spearheaded the utilization of cutting-edge technology while providing robust operational support for researchers exploring tectonics (earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics), the deformation of ice, the Earth's response to ground water, sea level, and aspects of the hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Our instrumentation toolbox includes high-precision GPS, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for Airborne Laser Swath Mapping and Terrestrial Laser Scanning, InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar), and more. We host the NSF's Geodesy Data Archive and provide cyberinfrastructure to support the full data life cycle and interoperability with national and international Earth science Data Centers.

Our long-term success depends on development of a forward-looking, diversified workforce that draws on and cultivates talent across the demographic spectrum of gender and ethnicity, across international boundaries, and across scientific disciplines.

UNAVCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to employing a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our nation. UNAVCO does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, or disability where reasonable accommodations can be made. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply at www.unavco.org.