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2013 AGU Fall Meeting: two session announcements

Date: 06/26/2013

Session announcements for the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting have begun! Please spend a moment to peruse the two below, shared with the SCEC community by Justin Brown (Caltech) and Rebecca Dorsey (Oregon).

For general information on this year’s AGU Fall Meeting, see: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/

The deadline for submitting abstracts is August 6, 2013.

-------- Session T018: Integrated Studies of Slow Earthquakes --------

Greetings all, 

We are excited to announce a session for the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco (Dec 9-13, 2013) 
T18: Integrated Studies of Slow Earthquakes (cross-listed with Seismology, Geodesy and Gravity, and Mineral and Rock Physics)

Investigations of fault slip behavior in the last decade reveal a new class of slow earthquakes. Despite numerous studies that utilize seismic, geodetic, and field observations, as well as theoretical models and laboratory measurements, a unified understanding of slow slip and tremor processes remains elusive. The objective of this session is to showcase the current state-of-knowledge of slow earthquakes from diverse tectonic settings through the use of multiple methods. Abstracts that combine seismology, geodesy, lab experiments, and field observations are strongly encouraged.

Conveners:  Justin R. Brown, Harmony V. Colella, Heather Savage, David Schmidt

Invited speakers:  TBD

Just as a reminder, the abstract deadline is August 6, 2013.
We hope to see you at AGU!

-------- Session T038: Pacific-North America Plate Boundary Through Time --------

Dear colleagues,

We will convene a session at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting titled: “T038 The Pacific-North America Plate Boundary Through Time: Translation, Rotation, Erosion, and 4-D Strain”.  We encourage submission of abstracts on topics dealing with relative plate motions and related processes of crustal deformation over a wide range of timescales from Cenozoic to the present day.


1. Rebecca Dorsey, University of Oregon (rdorsey@uoregon.edu)
2. Paul Umhoefer, Northern Arizona University (paul.umhoefer@nau.edu)
3. Scott Bennett, US Geological Survey (sekbennett@usgs.gov)
4. Arturo Martin Barajas, CICESE (amartin@cicese.mx)


The Pacific-North America plate boundary is a complex system of faults, mountain ranges and sedimentary basins that offer insights into processes that deform, modify, create, and consume crust at transform margins. From the Denali and San Andreas faults to the Walker Lane and Gulf of California, dextral plate motion has driven histories of translation, rotation, exhumation, and 4-D deformation through Cenozoic time to the present. We seek contributions that illuminate these processes, and relative plate-motion pathways, over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales using insights from geology, geodesy, geophysics, stratigraphy, geochronology, paleomagnetism, and related datasets.