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Two Postdoc Positions at LLNL

Date: 12/03/2014

On behalf of Bill Walter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:

Dear SCEC Community,

 We would like to announce two new postdoctoral positions at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) that were just posted.  The positions are supported by work we are doing on the Source Physics Experiments (SPE) and more broadly research that improves CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty) and general nuclear explosion monitoring capabilities. At LLNL postdocs are able to spend 25% of their time pursuing self-directed research activities.  LLNL supports postdoc attendance and presentations at professional society meetings, in addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals and other career enhancing activities.
One postdoc position is in the Seismology Group and focuses on seismic analysis, particularly source modeling.  This one does require an ability to obtain a clearance, and for this reason is limited to U.S. citizens.
The other postdoc position is in the Computational Geosciences Group and focuses on numerical modeling and geo-mechanics.  This one does not require U.S. citizenship.
It is expected that once the positions are filled, the postdocs will interact with each other as well as with the seismological and computational scientists in the two different groups, along with the broader set of scientists working on a range of geophysics R&D at LLNL and the research community.  The work will also include access to and use of unique high-performance computing resources at LLNL.
The position descriptions are attached here.  They can be accessed at www.llnl.gov under “Careers”.

Best Regards,
Bill Walter
Geophysical Monitoring Programs
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory