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Request for Papers: Thematic Issue in Geosphere on San Gorgonio Pass

Date: 10/03/2017

On Behalf of Michelle Cooke, UMASS:

Subject: Thematic Issue in Geosphere on San Gorgonio Pass

We are soliciting papers for a thematic issue on Geosphere on the San Gorgonio Pass, which was a Special Fault Study Area in SCEC4
San Andreas Fault Zone Seismotectonics in the San Gorgonio Pass region

The San Gorgonio Pass region is the most geometrically complex part of the San Andreas fault system, and may serve as both a barrier and an initiation point for devastating earthquakes. Over the past 5 years, the San Gorgonio Pass was a site of focused investigation (a Special Fault Study Area, or SFSA) for researchers in the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) with support from their various organizations and institutions. This special issue invites contributions from seismologists, geophysicists, geologists, crustal deformation modelers, geodesists and dynamic rupture modelers that endeavor to better understand the rupture potential though the geometric complexities in this region. Recent evidence suggests that slip may be partitioned among several sub-parallel active strands (though debate continues on this issue) and that 1 out of 4 San Andreas events initiate within, or rupture though the pass.
Associate Editors:
Michele Cooke, University of Massachusetts, cooke@geo.umass.edu
Doug Yule, California State University, Northridge, Doug.Yule@csun.edu
David Oglesby, University of California, Riverside, david.oglesby@ucr.edu

Papers submitted to the thematic issue should specify this issue by name (San Andreas Fault Zone Seismotectonics in the San Gorgonio Pass region) in the cover letter to ensure proper routing.
You can submit papers to: http://www.editorialmanager.com/geosphere/default.aspx


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