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Multiple Announcements: USGS Job Opportunity and NASA Workshop

Date: 05/08/2020

Dear SCEC Community,

Please see below for the following announcements:

1. USGS job opportunity in Menlo Park or Pasadena - Supervisory Physical Science Technician
2. NASA's Surface Deformation and Change Workshop May 19-21
3. 4-Year PhD Program in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity, University of Naples


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1. USGS job opportunity in Menlo Park or Pasadena - Supervisory Physical Science Technician:

Job opportunity with the USGS:

Applications are due 05/21/2020!

The USGS Earthquake Science Center has an open position for a Supervisory Physical Science Technician

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) seeks motivated candidates for a position in the National Strong Motion Project (NSMP), part of the Earthquake Monitoring Project. The NSMP installs and operates instrumentation in structures such as buildings, dams, and bridges and in free-field sites. These data provide the basis for studies of large-scale seismogenic failure, for studies of crustal and localized wave propagation, for mitigation of earthquake hazards through improved earthquake resistant design, and for improved emergency response through rapid notification of shaking on and near manmade structures.

This position oversees the operation of National Strong Motion Network and supervises field staff who are responsible for the design, test, calibration, installation, operation, and maintenance of sensors, dataloggers, and communications infrastructure. The position manages schedules, directs field operations, troubleshoots station and telemetry issues, and assists with metadata verification and data quality assessment. It negotiates and administers complex agreements with multiple federal, state, regional, and private organizations for the design, installation, operations and maintenance of structural monitoring systems.

This position is being offered in Menlo Park (soon to be Moffett Field) or in Pasadena, CA. Openings for this full-time, permanent position are being advertised as Physical Science Technician at the GS-12 level, with an annual salary range from $ 87,612 (step 1) - $ 113,900 (step 10) in Pasadena and $ 93,587 (step 1) - $ 121,668 (step 10) in Menlo Park/Moffett Field. US citizenship is required. Only online applications will be accepted. The federal government is an equal opportunity employer.

Apply online at
DEU [open to all US citizens]: SAC-2020-0226

Merit Promotion [open to current & former federal employees with status]: SAC-2020-0225

Please be sure to submit all the requested materials, including complete transcripts by May 21st – and please do not wait until the last minute to apply. Please carefully follow the instructions and resume guidelines when applying. The resumes MUST include detailed information for current and past positions: job title, name of company/agency, month/yr to month/yr, (e.g., March 2012 – June 2013), number of hours worked per week, supervisor’s name and # (can include statement, “can call/do not call/contact me before calling,”) and narrative (not bullet list) of duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Earl Emerson at 916-278-9399 or pacsac1@usgs.gov. It is highly recommended that you e-mail the contact person in the vacancy announcement to confirm that your documents uploaded correctly. Sometimes the documents submitted are blurry and hard to read or the file is corrupt and can't be accessed. No late documents are accepted.

2. NASA's Surface Deformation and Change Workshop May 19-21


The Designated Observable – Surface Deformation and Change Study Team is hosting a virtual community meeting (see the information below). If you are interested in joining the discussion via WebEx, then please register at: https://nasa-sdc-virtual.eventbrite.com

Community Update and Virtual Discussions: Surface Deformation and Change Study Plan
Tuesday, May 19 through Thursday, May 21 to be hosted virtually, via WebEx

Tuesday, May 19, 9am-12pm PDT
• Hear about and discuss the status of the SDC Study Plan, including breakout team inputs discussing research and applications needs derived from the Decadal Survey and other discipline contributions.
• Get updates from the team about opportunities to include outcomes from the SDC Technology Workshop, and thoughts on preliminary architectures
Wednesday, May 20, 9am-12pm PDT
• Hear from the UAVSAR team about their current contributions, and consider potential contributions of a next-generation, airborne SAR.
Thursday, May 21, 9am-12pm PDT
• Discuss conceptual design options for a next-generation, airborne SAR and help prioritize future airborne SAR capabilities.

Our virtual workshop welcomes your continued engagement in SDC as we wait for conditions to improve for a future in-person meeting for 2020

Please register online via Eventbrite for more information!

For more information: Ala Khazendar (ala@jpl.nasa.gov)
Andrew Molthan (andrew.molthan@nasa.gov)

3. 4-Year PhD Program in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity, University of Naples:


From climate change and sustainability to seismic engineering and Industry 4.0, all the crucial challenges facing mankind today require the ability to understand and engineer ever growing reliable interdependent, complex and interconnected systems and infrastructures.

The Call for Applications for the new 4 year PhD Program in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity of the Scuola Superiore Meridionale (a brand new School for Advanced Studies in Naples) is now out and available at


We are looking for bright and ambitious students from any area of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to join this exciting new program.

6 fully funded 4-year scholarships are available this year

Each scholarship includes a stipend of EUR 19,000 per year which is increased by 50% when the student is spending time abroad
Students expected to spend at least 9-12 months abroad during their PhD.
Each Scholarship also includes approx EUR 4,000 for research costs/travel per year

Applicants must submit a brief scientific report (description of their MSc thesis work, CV, personal statement and reference letters) following the instructions provided at the website above by no later than 30th June 2020.

Successful candidates will be announced the end of July 2020 with course officially starting on 2nd November 2020.

For any further information contact the PhD Coordinator, Prof Mario di Bernardo, at
merc@unina.it or check out the PhD website at:



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