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Upcoming Evaluation of the SCEC Community Fault Model v5.3

Date: 01/07/2022

On behalf of Scott Marshall, Appalachian State University:


Hello SCEC Community,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming evaluation of the SCEC Community Fault Model v5.3. The SCEC CFM is a widely used resource with many science and seismic hazard assessment applications. The CFM also directly contributes to other community modeling efforts, such as the Geological Framework (GFM), Community Rheologic (CRM), and Community Velocity (CVM) Models. The CFM has greatly changed since 2003 when it first launched with ca. 110 faults. The current preferred model contains 442 individually named objects and numerous alternative representations. Periodic evaluation of the CFM is essential for improving and refining fault representations and for maintaining it as a “community” model.

CFM evaluators will be invited to serve in this capacity. If you are interested in participating in the upcoming CFM5.3 evaluation, please contact us at the CFM mailing list at scec-cfm-l@usc.edu. It is critical that we have reviewers with a wide range of expertise.

The evaluation will kick off with an online workshop where we introduce the evaluation tools and expectations of reviewers. During the evaluation process, reviewers will use an evaluation website that will provide descriptions of approximately 20 different faults that have significantly different existing (alternative) interpretations. The evaluation website will provide information about the key differences, along with images of the faults, and a link to the CFM viewer website where users can interactively view the faults in 3D along with relocated seismicity. Thus, reviewers are encouraged to become familiar with the existing CFM web tools at https://www.scec.org/research/cfm-viewer/

The goal of the evaluation is to establish preferred fault representations that will constitute the next formal release of the CFM (version 6.0). Our hope is that this new model will continue to support a wide range of science, hazard assessment, and educational activities - and your help with the evaluation is a critical part of ensuring the model can support these activities.

If you have any questions or would be interested in being an invited CFM evaluator, please email us at the CFM listserv at scec-cfm-l@usc.edu. The list will send a reply asking you to confirm your message (for preventing spam). If you have any issues with the scec-cfm-l list, you can reply directly to marshallst@appstate.edu. We look forward to working with the SCEC community through the evaluation process.

Scott T. Marshall, Andreas Plesch, and John H. Shaw


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