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Naming the Next Earthquake Center

Date: 02/12/2022

Dear SCEC colleagues,
As we move forward with the NSF proposal for the next Center, with a natural laboratory that covers the entire San Andreas Fault System, we would like your input on the name of the future Center. The “SCEC” acronym is a global asset we would like to keep, but what are the best words to represent the next center? 

Some suggestions put forth so far include:
    Statewide California Earthquake Center
    SCEC California Earthquake Center 
    SCEC Collaborative Earthquake Center
    Science and Community Earthquake Center
    SCience of Earthquakes Collaboratory 
    Science Collaboratory for Earthquake Country

Please add your suggestions for the SCEC acronym by February 21 using the form at: https://forms.gle/EMxjYwhqqjrJh4V79.

The Executive Committee will review the list, submit recommendations to the PIs, and who will present the selection to the Board of Directors for a vote.


Yehuda Ben-Zion (SCEC Director)
Greg Beroza (SCEC Co-Director)