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Register Now: California Community Models for Seismic Hazard Assessments Workshop (March 4-5, 2024)

Date: 02/20/2024

The new Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC) with partners at the USGS, CGS, NASA, LLNL, CIG, and other academic institutions invite you to an online workshop (March 4-5, 2024) focused on developing community models for seismic hazard assessments across California.

What are California Community Earth Models (CEMs)? CEMs reflect the state of our collective, integrated knowledge describing a wide range of features in the California lithosphere and asthenosphere that influence seismic activity. These community models include: geologic models, fault models, rheology and thermal models, stress models, seismic velocity models, geodetic models and more. Our ultimate goal is a robust, unified model suite for California, usable by diverse experts to simulate seismic phenomena.

At the upcoming workshop, we'll explore use cases for statewide California community models, assess existing models and datasets along the San Andreas Fault System, and identify areas for improvement and future collaborative research efforts. Our vision is to refine and merge regional models, ultimately creating internally-consistent, best-available models of the entire San Andreas Fault System.

Whether you're already invested or just curious, we welcome your participation! Join us in mapping the path towards statewide Community Earth Models for California.

Workshop agenda:


Register to obtain Zoom link:


Prepare for the workshop: Do you have models or datasets that may contribute to seismic hazard assessments for California? Complete this survey by February 29th to provide your info and help shape workshop discussions: