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USC Earthquake Science Faculty Position (SCEC Director Designate)

Date: 03/14/2024

Dear SCEC Community,

Throughout its history, SCEC has benefited from a succession of directors, each bringing their vision, experience, expertise and drive to a demanding position. Yehuda Ben-Zion has led SCEC through the many challenges of the last few years, and is now preparing to step back from this role, and focus more on his own research. Working closely with USC, SCEC is starting the search for its next director - see advert below. 

SCEC remains headquartered at USC for many reasons, not least because of the significant support USC provides including funding multiple staff positions at SCEC HQ, above and beyond any benefits the University receives from the overhead revenue the Center brings. SCEC is very happy that USC is willing to hire a new member of faculty in earthquake science who can take on the next director role. 

Yehuda remains committed to lead the Center through at least the period of existing funding (2026) as needed, and work with the new appointee throughout a gradual transition. 

Tim Dawson and Rachel Abercrombie
(SCEC Board of Directors Chair and Vice-Chair)



On behalf of SCEC Director Yehuda Ben-Zion, USC

USC Earthquake Science Faculty Position (SCEC Director Designate)

The Department of Earth Sciences in Dornsife College at the University of Southern California (USC) invites applications for an Associate or Full Professor position in Earthquake Science. We seek candidates with a successful record of independent research, leadership skills, and a strong interest and vision in developing a system-level understanding of earthquake processes and ground motions from seismologic, geodetic, and geologic observations. The successful candidate will initiate new programs in earthquake research, education, and community engagement with the expectation that over a period of time they will assume leadership of the Statewide California Earthquake Center (SCEC). 

USC has been the headquarters of SCEC since its inception more than three decades ago. During that time, SCEC has become a global leader in coordinating research on fundamental earthquake processes with applications to seismic hazard, and has pioneered related education and engagement activities. The successful candidate will lead the SCEC community to evolve the vision and scope of the Center’s activities.

Located in central Los Angeles, USC serves a transnational student body and provides numerous opportunities to engage the local community in research, teaching, and service. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are core values at USC, in the Earth Sciences department, and across SCEC. Candidates from historically under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please see the full announcement.



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