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Three Announcements from the SCEC Community

Date: 04/26/2024

Dear SCEC Community,

See the following announcements:

  • AGeS3 - Advancing Geochronology Science, Spaces, and Systems
  • Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Engineer @ Fervo Energy
  • Seismologist @ Fervo Energy


On behalf of Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University

AGeS3 - Advancing Geochronology Science, Spaces, and Systems

Please join us for four hours on May 7 for the 2024 AGeS Community Symposium.

All are invited to attend. The symposium is intended to strengthen the geochronology community and its networks and will provide opportunities for senior scientists, early career scientists, and graduate students to engage and interact. The symposium will also include opportunities for questions and discussion about the new AGeS-TRaCE (Training and Community Engagement) microaward program, which provides awards of up to $10,000 (no overhead) for projects aimed at addressing needs in training and community engagement within the broad field of geochronology. The AGeS-TRaCE deadline is October 8, 2024. 

Virtual Community Symposium - Detailed Schedule
Tuesday May 7, 2024
8 am-12 pm PT 9 am-1 pm MT 10 am-2 pm CT 11 am-3 pm ET

The symposium will comprise two sessions with invited talks, AGeS updates, and short AGeS project presentations, as well as two breakout sessions to enable discussion and feedback on Community Needs and interaction between AGeS-Grad awardees and future program applicants. 

Session 1: Geochronology Community activities

Session 2: Geochronology advances

If you are interested in joining the AGeS listserv to stay updated on AGeS funding opportunities and other activities, please visit the AGeS website to subscribe.

We look forward to seeing you on May 7.

Becky Flowers (CU-Boulder)
Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU)

On behalf of the AGeS Steering and Network Committees

AGeS Steering Committee:
Bella Bennett (UVM), Nathan Brown (UT-Arlington), Julie Fosdick (UConn), Victor Guevara (Amherst), Mauricio Ibanez-Mejia (UAZ), David McGee (MIT), Haley Thoreson (Univ ID), Robin Trayler (UC-Merced), Trevor Waldien (SD School of Mines)
AGeS Network Committee: Haley Thoreson (Univ ID), Jonathan Anaya (NM Tech), Samantha Dunn (Cal State Fullerton), Shanti Penprase (UNM), Nicolas Perez (Weber State)



On behalf of Joe Bisacca, Fervo Energy

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Engineer @ Fervo Energy

Fervo Energy is hiring an Instrumentation & Data Acquisition engineer based out of our Houston, Golden, or Salt Lake City office. The Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Engineer will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of cutting-edge systems to gather, process, and analyze diverse data streams, driving innovative solutions and impactful insights. The preferred candidate will have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and a diverse skill set, including distributed fiber optic sensing equipment setup, point sensor integration, fusion splicing, network configuration, and server setup. This role requires proficiency in Python programming, network protocols, and computer system administration and will focus on enhanced geothermal system (EGS) monitoring, which will necessitate technical expertise and a practical understanding of geothermal reservoirs. The Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Engineer will report to the Geophysics Lead.

Apply at: https:/fervoenergy.com/career/data-acquisition-engineer/



On behalf of Joe Bisacca, Fervo Energy

Seismologist @ Fervo Energy

Fervo Energy is hiring a Seismologist based out of our Houston or Golden office. The Seismologist will be responsible for the design, implementation, and processing of critical borehole and surface seismic monitoring campaigns. This position will be responsible for implementing Fervo’s induced seismicity monitoring and mitigation plans. Key responsibilities include maintaining local seismic networks, leading the real-time data processing, and implementing a traffic light system. The ideal candidate will develop algorithms to improve real-time seismic hazard analysis to inform Fervo’s operational response protocols. This role is open to all experience levels meeting the required qualifications and will be an integral part of a team with other geophysicists, fiber optic experts, reservoir engineers, and computational scientists. The Seismologist will report to the Geophysics Lead. 

Apply at: https://fervoenergy.com/career/seismologist/




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